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Ian Gilmartin

Ian Gilmartin is a British inventor from Kendal in the United Kingdom. In 2006 he invented a... more »

Ian Walton

Ian Walton was an inventor affiliated with Stanford University. more »

Ignacio Anaya

Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya was a Mexican restaurateur credited as the inventor of nachos. Anaya was... more »

Ignacy Łukasiewicz

Jan Józef Ignacy Łukasiewicz was a Polish pharmacist and petroleum industry pioneer who in 1856... more »

Igor Sikorsky

Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky, was a Russian American aviation pioneer in both helicopters and... more »

Ildebrando Zacchini

Ildebrando Zacchini was a painter, inventor, and travelling circus owner. Inspired by the works... more »

Ilya Fushman

Ilya Fushman is Research Scientist at Solar Junction, Principal at Khosla Ventures and was a... more »

Immanuel Nobel

Immanuel Nobel, the younger, was a Swedish engineer, architect, inventor and industrialist. He... more »

Ingrid E Lawhorn

Ingrid Lawhorn is a graduate student in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. more »

Innocenzo Manzetti

Innocenzo Vincenzo Bartolomeo Luigi Carlo Manzetti was an Italian inventor born in Aosta... more »


In music, an invention is a short composition with two-part counterpoint. Well-known are the... more »

Irvine W. Grote

Dr. Irvine Walter Grote was an American chemist and scholar. Born in the Cameron Hill section of... more »

Irving Wightman Colburn

Irving Wightman Colburn was an American inventor and manufacturer. Colburn developed a process... more »

Isaac Adams

Isaac Adams was an American inventor and politician. He served in the Massachusetts Senate and... more »

Isaac Ashmead

Isaac Ashmead was a printer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was born in Germantown to Jacob... more »

Isaac Babbitt

Isaac Babbitt was goldsmith, in 1839 he invented of a low-friction tin-based metal alloy,... more »

Isaac L. Ellwood

Isaac Leonard Ellwood was an American rancher, businessman and barbed wire entrepreneur. more »

Isaac Newton Lewis

Isaac Newton Lewis was a United States Army officer and the inventor of the Lewis Gun. He... more »

Isaac Pitman

Sir Isaac Pitman, an Englishman knighted in 1894, developed the most widely used system of... more »

Isaac Singer

Isaac Merritt Singer was an American inventor, actor, and entrepreneur. He made important... more »

Isidor Goldstein

Isidor Goldstein was a coal miner, inventor, and investor. more »

Isidor Sauers

Isidor Sauers is an Austrian-born American who is a physicist at the Oak Ridge National... more »

Itzhak Bentov

Itzhak Bentov was a Czech-born Israeli scientist, inventor, mystic and author. He was an early... more »

Ivan A. Getting

Ivan Alexander Getting was an American physicist and electrical engineer, credited with the... more »

Ivan Knunyants

Ivan Lyudvigovich Knunyants, was a Soviet chemist of Armenian origin, academic of the Academy of... more »

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