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J. A. Panitz

John A. Panitz is the co-inventor of the Atom-Probe Field Ion Microscope and the inventor of the... more »

J. Frank Duryea

J. Frank Duryea and his brother Charles invented the first gas-powered automobile in America... more »

J. Mike O'Dwyer

James Michael O'Dwyer is an inventor who grew up in Muttaburra, Queensland, Australia. more »

J. P. Knight

John Peake Knight, was a railway engineer and inventor, credited with inventing the traffic light. more »

J. Paul Hogan

John Paul Hogan was an American research chemist. Along with Robert Banks he discovered methods... more »

J. Walter Christie

John Walter Christie was an American engineer and inventor. He is best known for developing the... more »

J.P. Grossman

J.P. Grossman works on hardware and software architecture, design, simulation, and... more »

Jack Cover

John "Jack" Higson Cover, Jr. was the inventor of the Taser stun gun. more »

Jack Kilby

Jack St. Clair Kilby was an American electrical engineer who took part in the realization of the... more »

Jack Naylor

Thurman F. "Jack" Naylor was an American inventor. Naylor was born in Baltimore, Maryland... more »

Jack Odell

John William "Jack" Odell, OBE was the English inventor of Matchbox toys and the engineer... more »

Jacob Davis

Jacob W. Davis was a tailor who helped change the world of clothing by being the first person to... more »

Jacob Ellehammer

Jacob Christian Hansen Ellehammer was a Danish watchmaker and inventor born in Bakkebølle,... more »

Jacob H. Eckert

Jacob H. Eckert invented the type of cash register that has a cash drawer and a bell. more »

Jacob Haish

Jacob Haish was one of the first inventors of barbed wire. His type of barbed wire was in direct... more »

Jacob Hopewell

Jacob Hopewell was an American inventor and noted eccentric. He is best known for his ingenious... more »

Jacob Rabinow

Jacob Rabinow was an engineer and inventor. He earned a total of 229 U.S. patents on a variety... more »

Jacob Rupertus

Jacob Rupertus was an American handgun designer and manufacturer. He was born in Bavaria and... more »

Jacob Samuel Brenner

Jake Brenner was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Jacques Abramoff

Jacques Abramoff homme d'affaires et philanthrope, né à Tachkent, a émigré en France après la... more »

Jacques de Vaucanson

Jacques de Vaucanson was a French inventor and artist who was responsible for the creation of... more »

Jacques Polge

Jacques Polge is a French perfumer who works as the head of Parfums Chanel starting in 1978 to... more »

Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier

Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier invented the hot air balloon. more »

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Jacques-Yves Cousteau AC was a French naval officer, explorer, conservationist, filmmaker,... more »

Jae Eun Hwang

Jae Eun Hwang is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. more »

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