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Joseph Francis Joy

Joseph Francis Joy was born in the small mining town of Cumberland, Maryland. Joy is known for... more »

Joseph Friedman

Joseph B. Friedman was an independent American inventor with a broad range of interests and... more »

Joseph Gayetty

Joseph C. Gayetty was an American inventor credited with the invention of commercial toilet... more »

Joseph George Davidson

Joseph George Davidson was an American chemist and inventor. Davidson was born February 7, 1892,... more »

Joseph Glidden

Joseph Farwell Glidden was an American farmer who patented barbed wire, a product that forever... more »

Joseph Harding

Joseph Harding was responsible for the introduction of modern cheese making techniques and has... more »

Joseph Hardtmuth

Joseph Hardtmuth was a successful Austrian architect, inventor and entrepreneur. more »

Joseph Huang

Joseph Huang is co-founder of WiFiSlam. He is a graduate of Stanford University. more »

Joseph Hudson

Joseph Hudson was an inventor in Birmingham, England during the late 19th century and the... more »

Joseph John O'Connell

Joseph John O'Connell, 1st, was an electrical engineer and inventor. He worked for the Chicago... more »

Joseph Marie Jacquard

Joseph Marie Charles dit Jacquard was a French weaver and merchant. He played an important role... more »

Joseph Monier

Joseph Monier was a French gardener and one of the principal inventors of reinforced concrete. more »

Joseph P. Ebacher

Joseph P. Ebacher was an American educator and founder of the Ebacher Method. more »

Joseph Petzval

Joseph Petzval was a mathematician, inventor, and physicist best known for his work in optics... more »

Joseph Ravel

Joseph Ravel was an inventor and industrialist and the father of Maurice Ravel. more »

Joseph Rosen

Joseph Rosen was Lead Programmer on the Stanford Diver Project. He has over twenty years... more »

Joseph Salim Peress

Joseph Salim Peress, was a pioneering British diving engineer, inventor of one of the first... more »

Joseph Saxton

Joseph Saxton was an American inventor, born at Huntingdon, Pa. He went to Philadelphia in 1817... more »

Joseph Shivers

Joseph Clois Shivers, Jr. is an American retired textile chemist who was based in West Chester,... more »

Joseph Sunnen

Joseph Sunnen was a machinery manufacturer and founder of the Sunnen Foundation. more »

Joseph Walker

Joseph Walker, A.S.C. was an American cinematographer who worked on 145 films during a career... more »

Joseph Winters

Joseph Richard Winters was an African-American abolitionist and inventor who, on May 7, 1878... more »

Joseph Zimmermann

Joseph Zimmermann was an engineer, born in Kenosha, Wisconsin who invented the first answering... more »

Joseph-Armand Bombardier

Joseph-Armand Bombardier was a Canadian inventor and businessman, and was the founder of... more »

Joseph-Michel Montgolfier

Joseph-Michel Montgolfier invented the hot air balloon. more »

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