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Josephine Cochrane

Josephine Garis Cochrane made the first practical mechanical dishwasher in 1886, in Shelbyville,... more »

Josh Star-Lack

Josh Star-Lack is a Senior Scientist/Research Manager at Varian Medical Systems. more »

Joshua C. Stoddard

Joshua C. Stoddard was an American inventor. He was educated at the public schools, and became... more »

Joshua Lionel Cowen

Joshua Lionel Cowen was an American inventor and the cofounder of Lionel Corporation, a... more »

Joshua P Ferreira

Joshua Ferreira is a researcher in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. more »

Joshua Pusey

Joshua Pusey, was an American inventor and an attorney. In 1827, an English pharmacist named... more »

Joshua Wurman

Joshua Michael Aaron Ryder Wurman is an American atmospheric scientist and inventor noted for... more »

Josip Belušić

Josip Belušić was a Croatian inventor. He was born in the region of Labin in Istria, and later... more »

Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano is an American inventor and entrepreneur known for inventions such as the... more »

Jozef Murgaš

Jozef Murgaš was a Slovak inventor, architect, botanist, painter, patriot, and Roman Catholic... more »

József Galamb

József Galamb was a mechanical engineer born in Makó, Hungary. Galamb finished his education at... more »

József Károly Hell

Jozef Karol Hell was a Hungarian mining engineer and inventor, who invented the water-pillar in... more »

Juan José Lerena y Barry

Juan José Lerena y Barry was a Spanish naval captain who attempted to establish Spanish control... more »

Juanelo Turriano

Juanelo Turriano was an Italo-Spanish clockmaker, engineer and mathematician. He was born in... more »

Judah Klausner

Judah Klausner is an entrepreneur, inventor, and businessman who developed and patented the... more »

Judson S. Swearingen

Dr. Judson S. Swearingen was a theoretician, hands-on manager, inventor and entrepreneur. He... more »

Jules Carpentier

Jules Carpentier was a French engineer and inventor. Jules Carpentier was a student at the... more »

Jules Montenier

Dr. Jules Bernard Montenier, of Chicago, Illinois, was an inventor and a cosmetic chemist. He... more »

Julian Antonisz

Julian Antonisz, born Julian Józef Antoniszczak, was a Polish avant-garde filmmaker, artist,... more »

Julian Lombardi

Julian Lombardi is an American inventor, author, educator, and computer scientist known for his... more »

Julie Hovland

Julie Hovland is the widow of Telly Savalas. more »

Julio Cervera Baviera

Julio Cervera Baviera was a Spanish engineer, pioneer in the development of radio, educator,... more »

Julius Edgar Lilienfeld

Julius Edgar Lilienfeld was an Austro-Hungarian physicist. He was born in Lemberg in... more »

Julius Futterman

Julius Futterman è stato un ingegnere e inventore statunitense. Ingegnere elettronico, progettò... more »

Julius H. Kroehl

Julius Hermann Kröhl was a German American inventor and engineer. He invented and built the... more »

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