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James Rumsey

James Rumsey was an American mechanical engineer chiefly known for exhibiting a boat propelled... more »

James Russell

James T. Russell is an American inventor. He earned a BA in physics from Reed College in... more »

James Sidney Drewry

James Sidney Drewry was a British engineer, born at Clapton, London. more »

James Six

James Six FRS was a British scientist born in Canterbury. He is noted for his invention, in... more »

James Small

James Small was a Scottish inventor instrumental in the invention of the modern-style iron swing... more »

James Smith

James Smith was a Scottish inventor whose inventions include a reaping machine, a subsoil plough... more »

James Starley

James Starley was an English inventor and father of the bicycle industry. He was one of the most... more »

James Thompson

James Thompson is a Northern Irish patent holder known for his innovative research and... more »

James Truchard

James Joseph Truchard is the co-founder and current president and CEO of National Instruments, a... more »

James V. Lafferty

James Vincent de Paul Lafferty, Jr. was an Irish-American inventor, most famous for his... more »

James Wimshurst

James Wimshurst was an English inventor, engineer and shipwright. Though Wimshurst did not... more »

James Wright

James Wright was an engineer at General Electric who invented Silly Putty in 1943. The invention... more »

Ján Bahýľ

Ján Bahýľ was a Slovak inventor and engineer. He specialised in military science, military... more »

Jan Czochralski

Jan Czochralski was a Polish chemist who invented the Czochralski process, which is used for... more »

Jan Ernst Matzeliger

Jan Ernst Matzeliger was an African-American inventor in the shoe industry. Matzeliger was born... more »

Jan Lavezzari

Jan Lavezzari was a gifted painter, born in Paris, France from a well known architect: Emile... more »

Jan Szczepanik

Jan Szczepanik was a Polish inventor, with several hundred patents and over 50 discoveries to... more »

Jan Wnęk

Jan Wnęk was a Polish carver of religious statues who is claimed to have constructed and flown a... more »

Janet Emerson Bashen

Janet Emerson Bashen is an American inventor, entrepreneur, and business consultant. She... more »

Janine Mok

Janine Mok is a Post-doctoral Scholar in the Stanford Genome Technology Center at Stanford... more »

János Csonka

János Csonka was a Hungarian engineer, the co-inventor of the carburetor for the stationary... more »

János Irinyi

János Irinyi, sometimes also spelled János Irínyi was a Hungarian chemist and inventor of the... more »

Jared Gutstadt

Jared Gutstadt, is a Canadian-born entrepreneur, musician, inventor, and patent holder best... more »

Jason Locklin

Jason Locklin is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Georgia. Jason Locklin... more »

Jay B. Rhodes

Jay B. Rhodes was an American inventor with more than 200 patents to his credit. Rhodes was born... more »

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