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John Ericsson

John Ericsson was a Swedish-American inventor and mechanical engineer, as was his brother Nils... more »

John Ernst Worrell Keely

John Ernst Worrell Keely was a US inventor from Philadelphia who claimed to have discovered a... more »

John F. Boynton

John Farnham Boynton was an early leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and an American... more »

John F. Peters

John Findley Peters was an American electrical engineer known for his invention of the... more »

John F. Seitz

John Francis Seitz, A.S.C. was an American cinematographer and inventor. He was nominated for... more »

John Fitch

John Cooper Fitch was a United States racecar driver and inventor. He was the first American to... more »

John Fitch

John Fitch was an American inventor, clockmaker, entrepreneur and engineer. He was most famous... more »

John Froelich

John Froelich was an American inventor who lived in Waterloo, Iowa and, in 1892, developed the... more »

John Gabrieli

John Gabrieli is a neuroscientist at MIT, and an associate member of the McGovern Institute for... more »

John Garand

Jean Cantius Garand was a Canadian-American designer of firearms best known for creating the... more »

John Gault

John Gault was an American entrepreneur and inventor who created the encased postage stamp... more »

John H. Hall

John Hancock Hall was the inventor of the M1819 Hall breech-loading rifle, and a mass production... more »

John H. Hall

John H. Hall is a pioneer in the development of low power CMOS integrated circuits. more »

John Hadley

John Hadley was an English mathematician, inventor of the octant, a precursor to the sextant,... more »

John Harington

Sir John Harington, of Kelston, was a courtier, author and master of art, popularly known as the... more »

John Harrison

John Harrison was a self-educated English carpenter and later a clockmaker. He invented the... more »

John Haven Emerson

John Haven "Jack" Emerson was an American inventor of biomedical devices, specializing in... more »

John Hays Hammond, Jr.

John Hays Hammond, Jr. was an American inventor known as "The Father of Radio Control" and son... more »

John Heathcoat

John Heathcoat was an English inventor from Duffield in Derbyshire. During his apprenticeship he... more »

John Henry Kinealy

John Henry Kinealy was an American mechanical engineer. He was born at Hannibal, Missouri, and... more »

John Herschel

Sir John Frederick William Herschel, 1st Baronet, KH, FRS was an English mathematician,... more »

John Howard Kyan

John Howard Kyan was the inventor of the 'kyanising' process for preserving wood. He was the son... more »

John Inshaw

John Inshaw was a mechanic and inventor who lived in Aston, now a district of Birmingham,... more »

John Isaac Hawkins

John Isaac Hawkins was an inventor who practiced civil engineering. He was known as the... more »

John Jones

John Jones was a Welsh cleric, inventor and physician. more »

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