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Morris Schwartz

Morris Schwartz was an American photographic inventor, photographer and businessman. Born in... more »

Morry Fiddler

Morris Fiddler is a member of the School for New Learning Resident Faculty, Human Genetics at... more »

Moses Brown

Moses Brown was a co-founder of Brown University and a New England abolitionist and... more »

Moses Quinby

Moses Quinby was one of the first commercial beekeepers in the United States, a native of St... more »

Moses Yale Beach

Moses Yale Beach was an American inventor and publisher who started the Associated Press. more »

Munehiro Tada

Munehiro Tada is a Principal researcher at NEC. more »

Mungo Ponton

Mungo Ponton FRS was a Scottish inventor who in 1839 created a method of permanent photography... more »

Murray Carter

Murray Carter is an Australian racing driver. For many years a stalwart of the Australian... more »

Murray Raney

Murray Raney was an American mechanical engineer born in Carrollton, Kentucky. He was the... more »

Mykola Amosov

Nikolai Amosov, MD was a Ukrainian doctor, heart surgeon, inventor, best-selling author, and... more »

Myron Scott

Myron E. Scott was the creator of the All-American Soap Box Derby. He is also credited with... more »

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