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O. Arthur Stiennon

Dr. O. Arthur Stiennon, Jr. was a clinical radiologist, inventor, radiation treatment pioneer,... more »

Octave Chanute

Octave Chanute was born in France but considered himself an American. He was a railway engineer... more »

Ognjeslav Kostović Stepanović

Ognjeslav Kostović Stepanović was a Serbian inventor. He was born in Wiesburg, Austria to a... more »

Oivin M Guicherit

Oivin M Guicherit is Director Biological Services at ChemDiv Inc. He was a researcher at... more »

Olaf von Ramm

Olaf von Ramm is the Thomas Lord Professor of Engineering at Duke University. He is best known... more »

Ole Evinrude

Ole Evinrude, born Ole Andreassen Aaslundeie was a Norwegian-American inventor, known for the... more »

Ole Kirk Christiansen

Ole Kirk Christiansen was the founder of Danish toy company called the Lego Group. He was the... more »

Ole Rømer

Ole Christensen Rømer was a Danish astronomer who in 1676 made the first quantitative... more »

Oleg Antonov

Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov was a prominent Soviet aircraft designer, and the first chief of... more »

Oleg Losev

Oleg Vladimirovich Losev was a scientist and inventor, born to a high-ranking family in Imperial... more »

Oliver Evans

Oliver Evans was an American inventor, engineer and businessman. A pioneer in the fields... more »

Oliver Joseph Lodge

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, FRS was a British physicist and writer involved in the development of... more »

Olivia Poole

Susan Olivia Poole grew up in Minnesota at the White Earth Indian Reserve. more »

Olof Melin

Olof Melin was a Swedish colonel and the creator of Melin Shorthand, the dominant shorthand... more »

Omar Knedlik

Omar S. Knedlik, was an American inventor and businessman. He was best known as the inventor of... more »

Omer T Inan

Omer T. Inan is Assistant Professor of Bioengineering in the School of Electrical and Computer... more »

Ōno Kōjin

Ōno Kōjin. Toy designer employed by Takara since 1980. Mr. Ōno's early designs included the... more »

Orlando R. Marsh

Orlando R. Marsh was an electrical engineer raised in Wilmette, Illinois. In early 1920s... more »

Orville Carlisle

Orville H. Carlisle, a shoe salesman in Norfolk, Nebraska invented the hobby that would become... more »

Oscar Kjellberg

Oscar Kjellberg was a Swedish inventor and industrialist. Founder of ESAB, in 1904, and... more »

Oscar Wirkkala

Oscar Wirkkala was a Finnish-American logger and inventor who spent much of his life in the... more »

Oskar Messter

Oskar Messter was a German inventor and film tycoon in the early years of cinema. His firm... more »

Otis Barton

Frederick Otis Barton, Jr. was an American deep-sea diver, inventor and actor. more »

Otis Boykin

Otis Frank Boykin was an African-American inventor and engineer. more »

Otis King

Otis Carter Formby King was a grocer and engineer in London who invented and produced a... more »

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