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Robert Stirling

The Reverend Dr Robert Stirling was a Scottish clergyman, and inventor of the Stirling engine... more »

Robert Taggart Hall

Robert Taggart Hall was owner and sometime-president of The Hall China Company in East... more »

Robert W. Gore

Robert W. "Bob" Gore is an American engineer and scientist, inventor and businessman. Robert... more »

Robert Weitbrecht

Robert Haig Weitbrecht was an engineer at SRI International and later the spin-off company... more »

Robert William Thomson

Robert William Thomson, from Stonehaven, Scotland, was the original inventor of the pneumatic tyre. more »

Robert Wright

Robert Wright is an inventor. more »

Roberto del Rosario

Roberto L. del Rosario is the president of the Trebel Music Corporation and the inventor of the... more »

Rod Sprules

Rod Sprules is an inventor. more »

Rodney Bagley

Rodney D. Bagley, PhD, is an engineer and co-inventor of the catalytic converter. Rodney Bagley... more »

Rodney P. Feazell

Rodney P. Feazell was a researcher in the Lippard Lab, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts... more »

Rodrig Goliescu

Rodrig Goliescu was a Romanian inventor, engineer, and Lieutenant, who built the avioplan, the... more »

Roger C. Field

Roger C. Field is an inventor with over 100 patents, an award winning industrial designer and a... more »

Roger E. Billings

Roger Evan Billings is an American businessman and scientist, best known for his pioneering work... more »

Roger L. Easton

Roger Lee Easton, Sr. was an American scientist who was the principal inventor and designer of... more »

Roland Moreno

Roland Moreno was a French inventor, engineer, humorist and author who was the universally... more »

Ron Hickman

Ronald Price Hickman OBE was a South African-born, Jersey-based car designer and inventor who... more »

Ron Popeil

Ronald M. "Ron" Popeil is an American inventor and marketing personality, best known for his... more »

Ronald A. Katz

Ronald A. Katz is an inventor and president of Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing LP. His... more »

Ronald K. Hanson

Ronald K Hanson is Clarence J. and Patricia R. Woodard Professor of Mechanical Engineering and... more »

Ronald Kingsley Read

Ronald Kingsley Read was one of four contestants chosen to share the prize money for the design... more »

Rong Chen

Rong Chen, Ph.D. is a bioinformatics scientist in the Butte lab. Rong received his undergradute... more »

Rose Knox

Rose Knox, née Markward, aka Mrs Charles B. Knox was an American businesswoman, who ran the Knox... more »

Rose Totino

Rosenella Winifred Cruciani "Rose" Totino was an American entrepreneur and pizzeria owner whose... more »

Ross Freeman

Ross Freeman was an American electrical engineer and inventor, and co-founder of the leading... more »

Rostislav Alexeyev

Rostislav Evgenievich Alexeyev was a designer of highspeed shipbuilding. He invented and... more »

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