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W. Albert Hickman

William Albert Hickman was a Canadian designer and manufacturer of innovative fast boats. He is... more »

W. Rae Young

William Rae Young, Jr. was one of the Bell Labs engineers that invented the cell phone. The... more »

WahTung Lau

Wah Tung Lau is currently a postdoctoral fellow at University of Toronto, conducting research in... more »

Wajid Khan

Wajid Khan is an artist and a patent holder. With over 140 inventions to his credit. He is a... more »

Waldo Semon

Waldo Lonsbury Semon was a renowned American inventor born in Demopolis, Alabama. He is credited... more »

Wallace Carothers

Wallace Hume Carothers was an American chemist, inventor and the leader of organic chemistry at... more »

Wallace H. Coulter

Wallace H. Coulter was an American electrical engineer, inventor, and businessman. The best... more »

Walt Langendorfer

Walt Langendorfer from Rhino International Inc, was an American inventor. He designed a gas... more »

Walt Sloan

Walt Sloan is an actor. more »

Walter A. Sheaffer

Walter A. Sheaffer was an American inventor and businessman who developed the first commercially... more »

Walter Diemer

Walter E. Diemer was an accountant and inventor of bubble gum. Born and raised in Philadelphia,... more »

Walter Frederick Morrison

Walter Fredick "Fred" Morrison was an American inventor and entrepreneur, best known as the... more »

Walter Hancock

Walter Hancock was an English inventor of the Victorian period. He is chiefly remembered for his... more »

Walter Houser Brattain

Walter Houser Brattain was an American physicist at Bell Labs who, along with John Bardeen and... more »

Walter Hunt

Walter Hunt was an American mechanic. He was born in Martinsburg, New York. Through the course... more »

Walter Leighton Clark

Walter Leighton Clark was an American businessman, inventor, and artist based in Stockbridge,... more »

Walter P. Phillips

Walter P. Phillips, born in Grafton, Massachusetts in 1846, was a journalist, telegraph... more »

Walter Schoenknecht

Walter Schoenknecht was an entrepreneur and inventor. more »

Walter Zapp

Walter Zapp was a Baltic German inventor. His greatest creation was the Minox subminiature camera. more »

Wanli Yang

Wanli Yang is a Senior Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. He was a Research... more »

Wanyan Xiyin

Wanyan Xiyin was a trusted advisor of the Jurchen chieftain, Wanyan Aguda. Described by modern... more »

Warren Marrison

Warren Marrison invented the quartz clock. more »

Wei Chan

Wei Chan is a graduate student in chemical engineering at Stanford University. more »

Wei Chang

Weii Chang was a researcher with GE Global Research more »

Wei Huang

Wei Huang received her PhD in Bioengineering and was a researcher in the Barron Lab at Stanford... more »

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