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William Soltau Davidson

William Soltau Davidson was the New Zealand pioneer of refrigerated shipping. more »

William Stanley

William Ford Robinson Stanley was a British inventor with 78 patents filed in both the United... more »

William Stoddard

William Osborn Stoddard was an American author, inventor, and assistant secretary to Abraham... more »

William Strutt

William Strutt FRS, was a cotton spinner in Belper, England. more »

William Sturgeon

William Sturgeon was an English physicist and inventor who made the first electromagnets, and... more »

William Symington

William Symington was a Scottish engineer and inventor, and the builder of the first practical... more »

William Tritton

Sir William Ashbee Tritton, JP was an expert in agricultural machinery, and was directly... more »

William W. Averell

William Woods Averell was a career United States Army officer and a cavalry general in the... more »

William Willett

William Willett was a British builder and a tireless promoter of British Summer Time. more »

William Willis

William Willis Jr. is a British inventor who developed the platinum process on the basis of the... more »

William Woodnut Griscom

William Woodnut Griscom was an American inventor responsible for introducing electric motors for... more »

Willis Carrier

Willis Haviland Carrier was an American engineer, best known for inventing modern air conditioning. more »

Wilson Greatbatch

Wilson Greatbatch was an American engineer and inventor. He held more than 350 patents and was a... more »

Wolf Hilbertz

Prof. Wolf Hartmut Hilbertz was a German-born futurist architect, inventor, and marine scientist. more »

Wolfgang Buchleitner

Wolfgang Buchleitner is a multifaceted German artist, equipment designer and inventor... more »

Wolfgang Scheffler

Born 1956 in Innsbruck, Austria, and recipient of a Special Recognition Award at the 2006... more »

Wolfgang von Kempelen

Johann Wolfgang Ritter von Kempelen de Pázmánd was an author and inventor, known for his... more »

Wonjae Lee

Wonjae Lee was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Wordsworth Donisthorpe

Wordsworth Donisthorpe was an English individualist anarchist and inventor, pioneer of... more »

Władysław Świątecki

Władysław J. Świątecki was a Polish inventor and airman. more »

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