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Benjamin M. Bitanga

Benjamin "Benjie" Mendoza Bitanga is a Filipino investment banker. He is the present chairman,... more »

Bill Hambrecht

William R. "Bill" Hambrecht is an American investment banker and chairman of WR Hambrecht + Co... more »

Blair Effron

Blair W. Effron is an American financier. Effron co-founded Centerview Partners, a boutique... more »

Blythe Masters

Blythe S. Masters has been the Head of Currencies and Commodities of JP Morgan Chase Co., since... more »

Bruce Wasserstein

Bruce Jay Wasserstein was an American investment banker, businessman, and writer. He was a... more »

Byron Trott

Byron Trott is an investment banker that worked for Goldman Sachs since 1982. He is well known... more »