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Paul Nitze

Paul Henry Nitze was a high-ranking United States government official who helped shape Cold War... more »

Paul Pelosi

Paul Francis Pelosi, Sr. is an American businessman who owns and operates Financial Leasing... more »

Per Wimmer

Per Wimmer is a Danish philanthropist, space advocate, entrepreneur, financier, adventurer,... more »

Peter George Peterson

Peter George "Pete" Peterson is an American businessman, investment banker, fiscal conservative,... more »

Peter S. Kaufman

Peter S. Kaufman is an American investment banker and private equity investor. He is the... more »

Philip Lehman

Philip Lehman was an American investment banker. more »

Phillip Y. Kim

Phillip Y. Kim is a Korean-American author of fiction and short stories. His first novel, an... more »

Priya Runchal

Priya Runchal is the wife of actor John Abraham. more »