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Salim L. Lewis

Salim L. "Cy" Lewis was the Managing Partner of Bear, Stearns & Company, running the company... more »

Samuel Benjamin Franklin

Samuel Benjamin Franklin is an investment banker. more »

Samuel Sachs

Samuel Sachs was an American investment banker. He was born in the state of Maryland to Jewish... more »

Samuel Ward

Samuel Ward III was a United States banker. more »

Sidney Koch

Sidney Koch is an investment banker. more »

Sidney Weinberg

Sidney James Weinberg was a long-time leader of the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs, nicknamed... more »

Steven Black

Steven "Steve" D. Black is the former Vice-Chairman of JP Morgan Chase & Co.. He previously... more »

Steven Rattner

Steven Lawrence Rattner is an American financier who served as lead adviser to the Presidential... more »

Suresh Nanda

Suresh Nanda is an Indian businessman, former Lt. Commander for the Indian navy, and owner of... more »