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Fate Marable

Fate Marable was a jazz pianist and bandleader. Marable was born in Paducah, Kentucky, and... more »

Faton Cahen

Faton Cahen was a film score composer and jazz pianist. more »

Fats Pichon

Walter "Fats" Pichon was a jazz pianist, singer, bandleader, and songwriter. Pichon was born and... more »

Fats Waller

Thomas Wright "Fats" Waller was an influential jazz pianist, organist, composer, singer, and... more »

Fletcher Henderson

James Fletcher Hamilton Henderson, Jr. was an American pianist, bandleader, arranger and... more »

Franck Amsallem

Franck Amsallem is an award-winning French jazz pianist, arranger, composer and also singer. He... more »

Franck Avitabile

Franck Avitabile is a jazz pianist who also has a master's degree in Discrete mathematics from... more »

Frank Hewitt

Frank Hewitt was a hard bop jazz pianist. Born in Queens, New York, Hewitt lived most of his... more »

Frank Kimbrough

Frank Kimbrough is a post-bop jazz pianist born and raised in North Carolina. He did some work... more »

Frank Mantooth

Frank Mantooth was an American jazz pianist and arranger. Mantooth attended University of North... more »

Frank Strazzeri

Frank Strazzeri is an American jazz pianist. Strazzeri began on tenor saxophone and clarinet at... more »

Fred E. Finn

Fred E. Finn is a Jazz pianist. more »

Fred Hersch

Fred Hersch is an American jazz pianist and composer. Proclaimed by Vanity Fair magazine, “the... more »

Freddie Redd

Freddie Redd is an American hard-bop pianist and composer. more »

Friedrich Gulda

Friedrich Gulda was an Austrian pianist and composer who worked in both the classical and jazz... more »

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