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Alvin Saunders Johnson

Alvin Saunders Johnson, Ph.D. was an American economist and a co-founder and first director of... more »

Alvin Scott McCoy

Alvin Scott McCoy is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer. more »

Alvin Toffler

Alvin Toffler is an American writer and futurist, known for his works discussing the digital... more »

Alwyn Scott

Alwyn Scott is an American journalist. In 2010, he was named as a finalist for the Pulitzer... more »

Alycia Lane

Alycia Lane is an American television journalist. She serves as weekday morning anchor at... more »

Alyona Minkovski

Alyona Leonidovna Minkovski is a Russian American correspondent and presenter. She was the host... more »

Alyona Vodonayeva

Alyona Vodonayeva is a model, TV presenter and an actress. more »

Alys Faiz

Alys Faiz was a British-born naturalized Pakistani poet, writer, journalist, human rights... more »

Alyson Rudd

Alyson Rudd is a writer with The Times who writes about sport, mainly football, and literature... more »

Amadeo Bordiga

Amadeo Bordiga was an Italian Marxist, a contributor to Communist theory, the founder of the... more »

Amado Yuzon

Amado Magcalas Yuzon was a Philippine academic, journalist, and writer. Yuzon graduated from... more »

Amanchi Venkata Subrahmanyam

Amanchi Venkata Subrahmanyam is an actor. more »

Amanda Brunker

Amanda Brunker is a novelist, journalist/columnist with the Irish Sunday World tabloid... more »

Amanda Drury

Amanda Drury is an Australian journalist and news anchor for CNBC, hosting finance and business... more »

Amanda Lang

Amanda Lang is a Canadian journalist and senior business correspondent for CBC News. She anchors... more »

Amanda Lindhout

Amanda Lindhout is a Canadian humanitarian and journalist. In 2008, she and members of her... more »

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is an Australian-English global media and film executive and international... more »

Amanda Parr

Amanda Parr is an English television journalist and reporter. After getting a first class degree... more »

Amanda Platell

Amanda Platell is an Australian journalist. Between 1999 and 2001 she was the press secretary to... more »

Amanda Ripley

Amanda Ripley is an American journalist and author. more »

Amanda Stretton

Amanda Stretton is an English female racing driver and motoring journalist. more »

Amanda Vaill

Amanda Vaill is an American writer and editor, noted for her non-fiction. She lives in New York... more »

Amando G. Dayrit

Amando G. Dayrit was born in San Jose, San Fernando, Pampanga to Florentino Singian Dayrit and... more »

Amaury Jr.

Amaury Jr. is a journalist, a television presenter, a screenwriter and an actor. more »

Amber Hildebrandt

Amber Hildebrandt is a 2014 Canadian Screen Awards nominated reporter. more »

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