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Abeer Almadawy

Abeer Almadawy is an Egyptian novelist, writer and journalist. Abeer Almadawy was born in... more »

Abeer MacIntyre

Abeer Macintyre is journalist and broadcaster, formerly a regular presenter and journalist at... more »

Abel Boyer

Abel Boyer was a French-English lexicographer, journalist and miscellaneous writer. more »


Aberjhani is an American historian, columnist, novelist, poet, and editor. Although well known... more »

Abhishek Dubey

Abhishek Dubey is an Indian television journalist and sports editor working for IBN-7. He has... more »

Abigail Goldman

Abigail Goldman is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer and journalist. more »

Abner Carroll Binder

Abner Carroll Binder was an American journalist. Binder was a graduate of the University of... more »

Abo El Seoud El Ebiary

Abo El Seoud El Ebiary was an Egyptian comic screenwriter, playwright, lyricist, and also... more »

Abraham Benisch

Abraham Benisch was a Hebraist and journalist. He studied medicine at Vienna but abandoned his... more »

Abraham Fornander

Abraham Fornander was a Swedish-born emigrant who became an important Hawaiian journalist,... more »

Abraham Kuyper

Abraham Kuijper, generally known as Abraham Kuyper, was a Dutch politician, journalist,... more »

Abraham Rabinovich

Abraham Rabinovich is a historian and journalist who has published several books on recent... more »

Abraham Sarmiento, Jr.

Abraham P. Sarmiento, Jr., also known as Ditto Sarmiento was a Filipino student journalist who... more »

Abrahm Lustgarten

Abrahm Simon Lustgarten is an environmental reporter for ProPublica. He graduated from Cornell... more »

Abul Hasan

Abul Hasan was a Bangladeshi poet and journalist. more »

Abul Kalam Shamsuddin

Abul Kalam Shamsuddin was a journalist, politician and littérateur. He was born at Trishal of... more »

Ace Atkins

Ace Atkins is an American journalist and author. Atkins worked as a crime reporter in the... more »

Acel Moore

Acel Moore is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer and journalist. more »

Achille Campanile

Achille Campanile was an Italian writer, playwright, journalist and television critic known for... more »

Achy Obejas

Achy Obejas is a Cuban American writer and journalist focused on personal and national identity... more »

Acun Ilıcalı

Acun Ilıcalı is a Turkish television personality, producer, actor and sport journalist. He is... more »

Ad van Liempt

Ad van Liempt is a Dutch journalist, writer and a TV producer. He authored several books,... more »

Ada Louise Huxtable

Ada Louise Huxtable was an architecture critic and writer on architecture. In 1970 she was... more »

Ada Patterson

Ada Patterson was an American print journalist. more »

Adalgisa Nery

Adalgisa Nery was a Brazilian poet, journalist and politician. She was born in Rio de Janeiro as... more »

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