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Augustin Souchy

Augustin Souchy Bauer was a German anarchist, antimilitarist, labor union official and... more »

Augusto Góngora

Augusto Góngora is a television producer. more »

Augusto Larreta

Augusto Larreta is an actor. more »

Augusto Turati

Augusto Turati was an Italian journalist and Fascist politician. Born in Parma, after moving to... more »

Augustus Dickens

Augustus Newnham Dickens was the youngest brother of English novelist Charles Dickens, and the... more »

Augustus Mayhew

Augustus Septimus Mayhew was an English journalist and author, born in London. He wrote in... more »

Aurél Dessewffy

Count Aurél Dessewffy de Csernek et Tarkeő, Hungarian journalist and politician, eldest son of... more »

Aurélien Scholl

Aurelien Scholl, was a French author and journalist. He was successively editor of the Voltaire... more »

Aurora Carlson

Aurora Carlson is a television presenter and China scholar. In 2007, Aurora Carlson was hired as... more »

Austen Ivereigh

Austen Ivereigh is a London-based Roman Catholic journalist, author, commentator and campaigner... more »

Austin Wehrwein

Austin Wehrwein is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer and journalist. more »

Austine McDonnell Hearst

Austine McDonnell Hearst is a journalist. more »

Austregésilo de Athayde

Austregésilo de Athayde was a writer and journalist born in Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil. His... more »

Avdotya Smirnova

Avdotya Smirnova is a screenwriter, film director, television director, actress, journalist and... more »

Avery Haines

Avery Haines is a Canadian television journalist. more »

Avi Lewis

Avram David "Avi" Lewis is a Canadian documentary filmmaker, former host of the Al Jazeera... more »

Avis Favaro

Avis Favaro is Canada's longest serving on air medical correspondent - now with CTV News since... more »

Aviva Cantor

Aviva Cantor is an American journalist, lecturer and author. An advocate of feminism and the... more »

Axel Danielsson

Axel Danielsson was a Swedish socialist agitator, journalist and writer, born in Värmland. He... more »

Axel Eggebrecht

Axel Constantin August Eggebrecht was a German journalist and writer. more »

Axel Kielland

Axel Kielland was a Norwegian journalist and playwright, born in Stavanger. He was married to... more »

Axel Madsen

Axel Madsen was a Danish-American biographer and journalist. Born in Copenhagen and raised in... more »

Axelle Carolyn

Axelle Carolyn is a Belgian actress, screenwriter, make-up artist, journalist and author. more »

Ayad Rahim

Ayad Rahim is an Iraqi-American journalist. He has written extensively on Middle Eastern... more »

Ayaz Amir

Ayaz Amir is a prominent Pakistani journalist, columnist and a senior politician . He was... more »

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