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Bernadine Oliver-Kerby

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby is a New Zealand broadcaster currently presenting the weekend bulletins... more »

Bernadine Szold-Fritz

Bernadine Szold-Fritz was a journalist. more »

Bernard B. Fall

Bernard B. Fall was a prominent war correspondent, historian, political scientist, and expert on... more »

Bernard Capes

Bernard Edward Joseph Capes was an English author. more »

Bernard Derome

Bernard Derome, CM, OQ is a news anchor for SRC Television, who anchored the weeknight editions... more »

Bernard Falk

Bernard Michael Falk was a United Kingdom television reporter and interviewer perhaps best known... more »

Bernard Frank

Bernard Frank was a Jewish French journalist and writer. Bernard Frank was raised in a... more »

Bernard Goldberg

Bernard Richard Goldberg, also known as Bernie Goldberg, is an American writer, journalist, and... more »

Bernard Hollowood

Albert Bernard Hollowood was an English writer, cartoonist and economist. He was editor of the... more »

Bernard Ingham

Sir Bernard Ingham is a British journalist and former civil servant who is best known as... more »

Bernard Joy

Bernard Joy was an English footballer and journalist. He is notable for being the last amateur... more »

Bernard Kalb

Bernard Kalb is a journalist, media critic and author. Born in New York City, he covered... more »

Bernard Kilgore

Bernard Kilgore was the Wall Street Journal's dominant personality practically from the moment... more »

Bernard L. Stein

Bernard L. Stein is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer. more »

Bernard Lazare

Bernard Lazare was a French Jewish literary critic, political journalist, polemicist, and... more »

Bernard Lefkowitz

Bernard Lefkowitz, a native of New York City, was an author, sociologist, journalist, and... more »

Bernard Levin

Henry Bernard Levin CBE was an English journalist, author and broadcaster, described by The... more »

Bernard Maris

Bernard Maris is a film actor. more »

Bernard Mayes

Anthony Bernard Duncan Mayes is a retired teacher, broadcaster, university dean, lecturer and... more »

Bernard O'Dowd

Bernard Patrick O'Dowd was an Australian activist, educator, poet, journalist, and author of... more »

Bernard Pivot

Bernard Pivot, OC, CQ is a journalist, interviewer and host of French cultural television... more »

Bernard Ponsonby

Bernard Ponsonby is a Scottish broadcast journalist working on regional news and current affairs... more »

Bernard Rapp

Bernard Rapp was a French film director and television news presenter. Rapp was born in Paris... more »

Bernard Redmont

Bernard Sidney Redmont is an American journalist and Professor of Journalism and later Dean of... more »

Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw is a 2001 JBF Awards winner for the Television Food Segment. more »

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