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Bertram Fletcher Robinson

Bertram Fletcher Robinson was an English sportsman, journalist, author and Liberal Unionist... more »

Bertram M. Bacharach

Bertram M. Bacharach is the father of Burt Bacharach. more »

Bertrand Barère

Bertrand Barère de Vieuzac was a French politician, freemason, journalist, and one of the most... more »

Bessie Breuer

Bessie Breuer was an American journalist, novelist, writer, and playwright. more »

Bessie Williams Rowland

Bessie Williams Rowland was a reporter. She was the wife of American journalist and author... more »

Bessye J. Bearden

Bessye J. Bearden was an American journalist and mother of artist Romare Bearden. more »

Beth Daley

Beth Daley is a journalist. more »

Beth Dunlop

Beth Dunlop is a journalist and critic. more »

Beth Lisick

Beth Lisick is an actress, film director and screenwriter. more »

Beth Raymer

Beth Raymer is an American writer and journalist. Raymer received an MFA from Columbia... more »

Bethany McLean

Bethany McLean is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair magazine, and known for her work on the... more »

Beto Furquim

Beto Furquim is a Brazilian songwriter and singer, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1964. more »

Beto Ortiz

Beto Ortiz is a Peruvian journalist TV personality and writer living now back in Lima. Before... more »

Betsan Powys

Betsan Powys, is a Welsh journalist, currently the Editor of Programmes for BBC Radio Cymru. A... more »

Betsy Devine

Betsy Devine is an American journalist, author and blogger. She earned a master's degree in... more »

Betsy Stark

Betsy Stark is an American media executive and former broadcast news correspondent. Since... more »

Betsy Zajko

Betsy Zajko is an actress, a former model and journalist. more »

Bette Greene

Bette Greene is the author of several books for children and young adults, including Summer of... more »

Bette Swenson Orsini

Bette Swenson Orsini is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer and journalist. more »

Bettina Arndt

Bettina Arndt, BSc, MPsych is an Australian sex therapist, journalist and clinical psychologist. more »

Bettina Boxall

Bettina Boxall is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer. more »

Bettina Iris Mary Kohr

Bettina Iris Mary Kohr was the wife of George H. Brown. more »

Bettina Sågbom

Bettina Maria Sågbom is a Swedish-speaking Finnish journalist. She is the host of the talk show... more »

Betty Bob

Betty Bob is the mother of Betty Buckley. more »

Betty Bowen

Betty Bowen, was an American journalist and art promoter. She was born in Kent, Washington, and... more »

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