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Brian Hanrahan

Brian Hanrahan was the Diplomatic Editor for BBC News and a well known correspondent. He also... more »

Brian Hitchen

Brian Hitchen, CBE was a British newspaper editor. Late in his career, he worked as a... more »

Brian Inglis

Brian Inglis was an Anglo-Irish journalist, historian and television presenter. He was born in... more »

Brian Irving

Brian Irving is a Canadian screenwriter and filmmaker. As a producer his past projects have... more »

Brian J. Ford

Brian J. Ford is an independent research biologist, author, and lecturer, who publishes on... more »

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is an American journalist and author. Kelly is currently the Editor and Chief... more »

Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy was an English journalist and LGBT rights activist who helped set up the London... more »

Brian Kilmeade

Brian Kilmeade is a Fox News Channel television personality. Weekdays, he co-hosts Fox's morning... more »

Brian Krebs

Brian Krebs is an American journalist and investigative reporter. He is best known for his... more »

Brian Lamb

Brian Patrick Lamb is an American journalist and the founder, executive chairman, and now... more »

Brian Lowe

Brian Lowe is a former Australian rules footballer who played in Tasmania and Victoria from the... more »

Brian Mansfield

Brian Mansfield is an American writer and journalist. A longtime music writer and critic for USA... more »

Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna is a Canadian documentary filmmaker. He has been a frequent collaborator with his... more »

Brian Morton

Brian Morton is a Scottish writer, journalist and broadcaster, mainly specialising in jazz and... more »

Brian Naylor

Brian Naylor was an Australian television broadcaster and presenter, best known for his... more »

Brian O'Flaherty

Brian Desmond O'Flaherty is a New Zealand horse-racing and equestrian journalist, Television... more »

Brian O'Nolan

Brian O'Nolan was an Irish novelist, playwright and satirist, considered a major figure in... more »

Brian Penton

Brian Con Penton was an Australian journalist and novelist. He was born at Ascot, a suburb of... more »

Brian Reade

Brian Reade is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author who has two weekly opinion... more »

Brian Redhead

Brian Leonard Redhead was a British author, journalist and broadcaster. He was a co-presenter of... more »

Brian Rooney

Brian Rooney is a screenwriter. more »

Brian Ross

Brian Elliot Ross is an American investigative journalist who serves as Chief Investigative... more »

Brian Rudman

Brian Rudman is a journalist and regular editorial contributor to The New Zealand Herald, New... more »

Brian Scott

Brian Scott is a Polish journalist. He has been described as "one of the best known stars of the... more »

Brian Sewell

Brian Sewell is an English art critic and media personality. He writes for the London Evening... more »

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