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Brian Shactman

Brian A. Shactman is an American journalist for CNBC and MSNBC. more »

Brian Smith

Brian Desmond "Smitty" Smith was a Canadian professional hockey player and sportscaster. Smith... more »

Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter is the senior media correspondent for CNN and the host of Reliable Sources... more »

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor is the political editor for BBC Scotland. Taylor – who joined the BBC in 1985 –... more »

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson has been New Jersey Bureau Reporter for WNBC since 1998. Thompson, who has done... more »

Brian Tochi

Brian Keith Tochi (born May 2, 1963 in Los Angeles, California), better known as Brian Tochi, is... more »

Brian Viner

Brian Viner is an English journalist and author. Viner was born to an unmarried mother at the... more »

Brian Walden

Alastair Brian Walden is a British journalist and broadcaster who was a Labour Member of... more »

Brian Walski

Brian Walski is a professional photographer who was accused in 2003 of altering a news... more »

Brian Whitaker

Brian Whitaker has been a journalist for the British newspaper The Guardian since 1987 and its... more »

Brian Williams

Brian Douglas Williams is the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, the evening news... more »

Brian Windhorst

Brian Windhorst, also known as "Windy" or "Scoop", is an American sportswriter for ESPN.com who... more »

Brian Winston

Brian Winston was the first Lincoln Chair of Communications at the University of Lincoln, United... more »

Brian Wood

Brian Wood is a television news anchor, reporter and managing editor. more »

Brianna Keilar

Brianna Marie Keilar is a senior White House correspondent for CNN in the Washington, D.C... more »

Bridget Carey

Bridget Marie Carey is an American technology journalist and host of the CNET Update. She... more »

Bridget Kendall

Bridget Kendall MBE is an English Contributing Editor, radio and television correspondent at the... more »

Brienne Pedigo

Brienne Pedigo-Christopher was an auto racing pit reporter employed by ESPN and ESPN on ABC for... more »

Brigitte D'Ortschy

Brigitte D’Ortschy, or Koun-An Doru Chiko, was an architect, journalist, translator, author, and... more »

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel, is an American journalist, author, social commentator, and activist. Gabriel... more »

Brigitte Hamann

Brigitte Hamann is a German-Austrian author and historian based in Vienna. Born Brigitte Deitert... more »

Brigitte Quinn

Brigitte Quinn is a American radio and television news anchor. She hosted Fox News Live from... more »

Brigitte Rohkohl

Brigitte Rohkohl is an actress, presenter and journalist. more »

Brima Dawson Kuyateh

Brima Dawson Kuyateh is a Sierra Leonean journalist and the current president of the Sierra... more »

Brînduşa Armanca

Brînduşa Armanca is a Romanian academic and journalist. Holding a PhD in Philology, she has... more »

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