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Faiza Ambah

Faiza Saleh Ambah is a Saudi Arabian journalist for The Washington Post and is noted as one of... more »

Fan Changjiang

Fan Changjiang, born Fan Xitian, was a Chinese journalist and writer. Fan was born in Sichuan... more »

Fan Jin

Fan Jin is the mother of Yu Zhengsheng and Yu Qiangsheng. more »

Fanny Fern

Fanny Fern, born Sara Willis, was an American newspaper columnist, humorist, novelist, and... more »

Farag Foda

Farag Foda, sometimes spelled as Faraj Fawda, was a prominent Egyptian professor, writer,... more »

Farai Chideya

Farai Chideya is an African American novelist, multimedia journalist, and radio host. She... more »

Faraj Sarkohi

Faraj Sarkohi, is an Iranian literary critic and journalist. He was cofounder and editor in... more »

Fardunjee Marzban

Fardunjee Marzaban or Fardoonjee Marazban was, among other things, a printer and a newspaper... more »

Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Rafiq Zakaria is an Indian-American journalist and author. From 2000 to 2010, he was a... more »

Fareena Alam

Fareena Alam is an English journalist and editor of British Muslim magazine Q News. more »

Farhad Manjoo

Farhad Manjoo is an American journalist and author. He was a staff writer for Slate magazine... more »

Fariba Nawa

Fariba Nawa is an Afghan-American freelance journalist who grew up in both Herat and Lashgargah... more »

Farida Nekzad

Farida Nekzad is co-founder, managing editor and former deputy-director of Pajhwok Afghan News,... more »

Farnaz Ghazizadeh

Farnaz Ghazizadeh is an Iranian journalist، bloggers, and BBC Persian Television Presenter. She... more »

Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh Torabi is an Iranian-American journalist, author, television personality, and personal... more »

Farrukh Dhondy

Farrukh Dhondy is a Indian-born British writer, playwright, screenwriter and left-wing activist... more »

Farzad Bazoft

Farzad Bazoft was an Iranian-born journalist who settled in the United Kingdom in the mid-1970s... more »

Farzana Versey

Farzana Versey is an Indian journalist and writer based in Mumbai. more »

Fasi Zaka

Fasi Zaka is a television host, satirist, political columnist, radio talk show host, music... more »

Father Jean Bernard

Father Jean Bernard was a Catholic priest from Luxembourg who was imprisoned from May 1941 to... more »

Fathi Beddiar

Fathi Beddiar is an actor, screenwriter, stunt performer and a journalist. more »

Fatih Altaylı

Fatih Altaylı is a Turkish journalist, columnist, television presenter and media executive. more »

Fatima Bernardes

Fatima Bernardes is a journalist and television presenter. more »

Fátima Campos Ferreira

Fátima Campos Ferreira is a Portuguese television presenter and journalist. more »

Fatima Tlisova

Fatima Tlisova is a Russian journalist currently living in the United States. more »

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