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O. V. Vijayan

Ootupulackal Velukkuty Vijayan was an Indian author and cartoonist, who was an important figure... more »

O.O. McIntyre

Oscar Odd McIntyre was a famed New York newspaper columnist of the 1920s and 1930s, who used the... more »

Obie Fernandez

Obie Fernandez is a recognized tech industry leader and consultant. His company, Hashrocket... more »

Ocak Işık Yurtçu

Ocak Işık Yurtçu was a Turkish reporter detained for thirty-two months between 1993-1997 by the... more »

Octav Pancu-Iasi

Octav Pancu-Iasi was a screenwriter, radio operator and journalist. more »

Octave Mirbeau

Octave Mirbeau was a French journalist, art critic, travel writer, pamphleteer, novelist, and... more »

Octavia Nasr

Octavia Nasr is a journalist who covers Middle East affairs. She served as CNN’s Senior Editor... more »

Octavian Goga

Octavian Goga was a Romanian politician, poet, playwright, journalist, and translator. more »

Octavian Paler

Octavian Paler was a Romanian writer, journalist, politician in Communist Romania, and civil... more »

Odd Hjorth-Sørensen

Odd Hjorth-Sørensen was a Norwegian journalist and writer. more »

Odd Hølaas

Oddleiv Sigurd Bang Hølaas was a Norwegian journalist and writer. He won the Riksmål Society... more »

Odd Karsten Tveit

Odd Karsten Tveit is a Norwegian journalist, writer and economist. His speciality is the Middle... more »

Oddino Morgari

Oddino Morgari was an Italian socialist journalist and politician. more »

Ödön Beniczky

Ödön Beniczky de Benice et Micsinye was a Hungarian legitimist politician, who served as... more »

Ofer Shelah

Ofer Shelah is an Israeli journalist and politician. A member of Yesh Atid, he was placed sixth... more »

Oggy Boytchev

Ognian Boytchev, commonly known as Oggy Boytchev is a British journalist and independent... more »

Ogulsapar Myradowa

Ogulsapar Myradowa was a Turkmen human rights activist and Radio Free Europe journalist. She was... more »

Oh Yeon-ho

Oh Yeon Ho is the founder of "citizen journalism" in the Republic of Korea, and CEO of OhmyNews... more »

Okab Sakr

Okab Sakr or Oakab Saker is a Lebanese journalist and politician, lost his father before he was... more »

Oksana Marchenko

Oksana Marchenko is a TV presenter and journalist. more »

Oksana Naychuk

Oksana Naychuk is a journalist, tv anchor, and a television producer. more »

Oktay Ekşi

Osman Oktay Ekşi is a Turkish journalist, author and politician. He has spent much of his career... more »

Ola Bauer

Ola Bauer was a Norwegian novelist and playwright. He made his literary debut with the novel... more »

Ola By Rise

Ola By Rise is a Norwegian football coach and former player. He is currently assistant coach of... more »

Ola Raknes

Ola Raknes was a Norwegian psychologist, philologist and non-fiction writer. Born in Bergen,... more »

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