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Sev Lewkowicz

Sev Lewkowicz is a musical composer, producer, arranger and keyboard player based in the United... more »


Orville Richard Burrell, better known by his stage name Shaggy, is a Jamaican-American pop... more »

Shane McFee

Shane Robert McFee is the guitarist, vocalist, and producer of the American heavy metal band... more »

Sharon Mew

Sharon Mew was a member of the musical group Elastica. more »

Shaun Martin

Shaun Martin is a keyboard player. more »

Shawn Cavallo

Shawn Cavallo is a singer. more »

Shawn James Seymour

Shawn James Seymour is a musician, singer,film score composer and keyboard player. more »

Shiri Hadar

Shiri Hadar is the keyboardist of the Isreali band Izabo. more »

Sid Wilson

Sidney George Wilson also known as Ratboy or DJ Starscream, #0, is an American disc jockey known... more »

Simon Carter

Simon Carter was a keyboard player of the musical group, Jamiroquai. more »

Simon Gallup

Simon Jonathon Gallup is an English musician and bassist of the post-punk band The Cure. more »

Simon House

Simon House is a composer and classically trained violinist and keyboard player, perhaps best... more »

Simon Law

Simon Law is a producer, keyboardist and songwriter for Soul II Soul. Law is an original member... more »

Simon Tong

Simon Tong is an English guitarist and keyboardist who was a member of The Verve between 1996... more »

Simone Giuliani

Simone Giuliani is an Italian musician, composer, arranger and record producer based in... more »

Sir Earl Toon

Sir Earl Toon is a member of the musical group, Kool the Gang. more »

Sister Bliss

Sister Bliss is a British classically trained pianist, keyboardist, record producer, DJ,... more »

Skylar Thomas

Skylar Thomas is an American pianist from Sacramento, California, United States. more »

Stan Thorn

Stan Thorn was a member of the musical group, Shenandoah. more »

Starr Parodi

Starr Parodi is an American composer, conductor, arranger, music director and pianist. She has... more »


Status is a member of the musical group, Chase & Status. more »

Stephanie Finch

Stephanie Finch is an American singer, keyboardist and guitarist. She is the wife of Chuck... more »

Stephen Bier, Jr.

Stephen Gregory Bier Jr., formerly known by his stage name Madonna Wayne Gacy and by the... more »

Stephen Dewaele

Stephen Dewaele is a member of the Soulwax band. more »

Stephen Large

Stephen Large is an English, London-based keyboard player, composer, arranger, and long term... more »

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