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Juan Campisteguy

Juan Campisteguy Oxcoby was a Uruguayan soldier, lawyer, and President of Uruguay. more »

Juan Carlos Esguerra Portocarrero

Juan Carlos Esguerra Portocarrero is a Colombian lawyer and politician. He has previously served... more »

Juan Carlos Maqueda

Juan Carlos Maqueda is an Argentine lawyer, politician and a member of Supreme Court of Justice... more »

Juan Dalmau Ramírez

Juan Dalmau Ramírez is an attorney and candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico for the Puerto... more »

Juan de Dios Ramírez Heredia

Juan de Dios Ramírez Heredia is a Spanish politician, of Romani ethnic origin. He is a member of... more »

Juan del Granado

Juan Fernando del Granado Cosío is a Bolivian human-rights lawyer and politician, mayor of La... more »

Juan Dominguez

Juan J. Dominguez is a personal injury and consumer rights attorney based in Los Angeles,... more »

Juan E. Méndez

Juan E. Mendez is a lawyer and human rights activist known for his work on behalf of political... more »

Juan Francisco Azcárate y Ledesma

Juan Francisco Azcárate y Lezama was a lawyer, a Mexico City councilman, and a leader of the... more »

Juan Germán Roscio

Juan Germán Roscio was a Venezuelan lawyer and politician of Italian background. He served as... more »

Juan Hinojosa

Juan Jesus “Chuy” Hinojosa is a Democratic member of the Texas Senate representing the 20th... more »

Juan Ignacio Larrea Holguín

Archbishop Emeritus Juan Ignacio Larrea Holguín, was archbishop of Guayaquil for ten years, and... more »

Juan Jiménez Mayor

Juan Federico Jiménez Mayor is a Peruvian politician who was Prime Minister of Peru from July... more »

Juan José León Rubio

Juan José León Rubio is a former Governor of Aguascalientes. Juan José León Rubio obtaines his... more »

Juan LaFonta

Juan Anthony LaFonta is an American lawyer and a Democratic former member of the Louisiana House... more »

Juan Lozano Ramírez

Juan Francisco Lozano Ramírez is a Colombian lawyer and journalist currently serving as Senator... more »

Juan Manuel Albendea Pabón

Juan Manuel Albendea Pabón is a Spanish politician, lawyer and economist. He is a member of the... more »

Juan Manuel Cafferata

Juan Manuel Cafferata was an Argentine politician of the National Autonomist Party. He was the... more »

Juan Manuel Corzo Román

Juan Manuel Corzo Román is a Colombian lawyer and politician, currently serving as Senator of... more »

Juan Manuel García Passalacqua

Juan Manuel Garcia-Passalacqua was a well known lawyer, writer and political analyst from Puerto... more »

Juan María Fernández y Krohn

Juan María Fernández Krohn is a former Catholic priest and former Spanish lawyer who tried to... more »

Juan N. Silva Meza

Juan Nepomuceno Silva Meza, son of the writer Juan Silva Vega and professor Ana Ma Meza de... more »

Juan Orlando Hernández

Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado, often written as JOH, is a Honduran politician and businessman... more »

Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso

Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo, was a prominent Venezuelan diplomat, politician and lawyer primarily... more »

Juan Ponce Enrile

Juan Ponce Enrile is a Filipino politician. As a protégé of President Ferdinand Marcos, he... more »

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