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Julio César Turbay Ayala

Julio César Turbay Ayala was the 25th President of Colombia from 1978 to 1982. more »

Julio César Turbay Quintero

Julio César Turbay Quintero is a Colombian lawyer and politician. A Liberal party politician, he... more »

Julio María Sanguinetti

Julio María Sanguinetti Coirolo is a Uruguayan politician, lawyer and journalist, as well as a... more »

Julius C. Burrows

Julius Caesar Burrows was a U.S. Representative and a U.S. Senator from the state of Michigan. more »

Julius Caesar

Sir Julius Caesar was an English judge and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various... more »

Julius Caesar Alford

Julius Caesar Alford was an American politician, soldier and lawyer. more »

Julius Charles Horovitz

Julius Charles Horovitz is the father of Israel Horovitz. more »

Julius Grey

Julius H. Grey is a Canadian lawyer and university professor. He is particularly known for his... more »

Julius J. Olson

Julius J. Olson was a lawyer and justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court. He was born on Donna... more »

Julius L. Chambers

Julius LeVonne Chambers was an American lawyer, civil rights leader and educator. more »

Julius Marshuetz Mayer

Julius Marshuetz Mayer was an American lawyer and politician. more »

Julius Melnitzer

Julius Melnitzer is a freelance legal writer and former lawyer. In 1992, he pled guilty to 42... more »

Julius Rockwell

Julius Rockwell was a United States politician from Massachusetts, and the father of Francis... more »

Julius Sarkodee-Addo

Justice Julius Sarkodee-Addo was the second Chief Justice of Ghana during the First Republic. He... more »

Junaid Pollock

The Honourable Muhammad Junaid Ali Ahmed Pollock is a Bangladeshi lawyer and politician from the... more »

Junius Henderson

Junius Henderson was an American lawyer, judge, curator, and amateur malacologist who was the... more »

Junius Hillyer

Junius Hillyer was an American politician and lawyer who served two terms in the United States... more »

Junius Marion Futrell

Junius Marion Futrell was the 30th Governor of Arkansas from 1933 to 1937, and the Acting... more »

Jürgen Herrlein

Jürgen Herrlein is a German lawyer and historian of academic corporations. more »

Jürgen Rieger

Jürgen Rieger was a Hamburg lawyer, avowed anti-semite, and deputy chairman of the National... more »

Jürgen Wöhler

Jürgen Otto Wöhler is a German lawyer and manager. He has served as Secretary General of the... more »

Jüri Raidla

Jüri Raidla is an Estonian lawyer, managing partner of Raidla Lejins & Norcous. more »

Jüri Uluots

Jüri Uluots was an Estonian prime minister, journalist, prominent attorney and distinguished... more »

Juro Adlešič

Juro Adlešič was a Slovenian lawyer and politician. He was born in the village of Adlešiči in... more »

Justen Ericksen

Justen Mark Ericksen is a lawyer and entrepreneur. Ericksen co-founded both Daily Bread and Food... more »

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