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Wiesław Chrzanowski

Wiesław Marian Chrzanowski was a Polish politician and lawyer; from 1991 to 1993 he was Sejm... more »

Wiktor Poliszczuk

Wiktor Poliszczuk was a Polish-Ukrainian-Canadian politologist specialising in the history of... more »

Wilbert Ross Aylesworth

Wilbert Ross Aylesworth was a Canadian politician, farmer and merchant. He was elected in 1940... more »

Wilbur F. Sanders

Wilbur Fisk Sanders was a United States Senator from Montana, a skilled lawyer and played a... more »

Wilbur Fitzgerald

Wilbur Fitzgerald is an American television actor. He was recently cast in the role of "Cray" in... more »

Wilbur Jackett

Wilbur Roy Jackett, OC QC was a Canadian scholar, public servant, jurist, and the first chief... more »

Wilbur L. Adams

Wilbur Louis Adams was an American lawyer and politician from Wilmington, in New Castle County,... more »

Wilburn Cartwright

Wilburn Cartwright was a lawyer, educator, U.S. Representative from Oklahoma, and United States... more »

Wilby Lucas

Wilby Lucas is a member of the National Assembly of Seychelles, currently serving as that body's... more »

Wiley Blount Rutledge

Wiley Blount Rutledge, Jr. was an American educator, lawyer, and justice of the Supreme Court of... more »

Wiley Mayne

Wiley Mayne was a four-term Republican United States Congressman from Iowa's 6th congressional... more »

Wilfrid Gariépy

Wilfrid Gariepy was a Canadian politician, member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and... more »

Wilfrid Laurier

Canada's first francophone prime minister, Laurier is often considered one of the country's... more »

Wilfrido José de Albuquerque Veronese

Wilfrido José de Albuquerque Veronese is the father of actor Rodrigo Veronese. more »

Wilhelm Hoegner

Wilhelm Hoegner was the second Bavarian prime minister after World War II and father of the... more »

Wilhelm Külz

Wilhelm Külz was a German politician. In 1926 he was interior minister of the Weimar Republic... more »

Wilhelm Marx

Wilhelm Marx was a German lawyer, Catholic politician and a member of the Centre Party. He was... more »

Wilhelm Matheson

Wilhelm Eger Matheson is a Norwegian Supreme Court Justice. Matheson took office in November 2009. more »

Wilhelm Salomon Freund

Wilhelm Salomon Freund was a Jewish German lawyer and politician. Freund was born in Schmiegel... more »

Wilhelm Stuckart

Wilhelm Stuckart was a Nazi Party lawyer and official, a state secretary in the German Interior... more »

Wilhelm von der Mühll

Swiss lawyer and partner of his old friend Robert Grüninger in their common society in Basel. He... more »

Will Gabig

Will Gabig is an American politician and former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. more »

Will Wilson

Will Reid Wilson, Sr. was a prominent Democratic politician in his native Texas best known for... more »

Willard L. Boyd

Willard Lee Boyd is an American legal scholar, academic administrator, and President Emeritus of... more »

Willard Robertson

Willard Robertson was an American actor. He appeared in 147 films between 1924 and 1948. He was... more »

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