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Zia Mody

Zia Mody is a prominent Indian legal consultant and a prominent member of the Bahá'í Faith in... more »

Ziad al-Khasawneh

Ziad Al-khasawneh is a Jordanian lawyer who headed a team of twenty-two defense lawyers for... more »

Zita Okaikoi

Zita Sabah Okaikoi is a Ghanaian politician and a former Minister for Tourism of Ghana. more »

Zoë Baird

Zoë Eliot Baird is an American lawyer who is president of the Markle Foundation. She is known... more »

Zoe Littlepage

Zoe Brigitta Littlepage is an American plaintiff's trial lawyer based in Houston. Her practice... more »

Zohra Drif

Zohra Drif Bitat is a retired lawyer and the vice-president of the Council of the Nation, the... more »

Zoi Konstantopoulou

Zoi Konstantopoulou is a lawyer and a politician. more »

Zolton Ferency

Zolton Ferency was an American lawyer, political activist and professor of criminal... more »

Zorayda Andam

Zorayda Ruth Blanco Andam is a Filipino lawyer, beauty queen, television host and news anchor... more »

Zübeyir Aydar

Zübeyir Aydar is a Kurdish politician and President of the Kongra-Gel, which is the parliament... more »

Zulima Farber

Zulima Farber is the former Attorney General of New Jersey and the first Latina to serve as... more »

Zygi Wilf

Zygi Wilf is a film producer. more »

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