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Abraham Yahuda

Abraham Shalom Yehuda was a Jewish polymath, teacher, writer, researcher, linguist, and... more »


Abū al-Rayhān Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Bīrūnī known as Alberonius in Latin and Al-Biruni in... more »

Alan Nussbaum

Alan Jeffrey "Jerry" Nussbaum is an American Indo-European linguist and classical philologist,... more »

Aleksandr Strakhov

Aleksandr Strakhov is the father of Daniil Strakhov. more »

Aleš Svoboda

Aleš Svoboda, was a Czech linguist and a prominent representative of the Prague School of... more »

Alexander Mackay

Alexander Mackay was a New Zealand farmer, explorer, linguist, magistrate and land court judge... more »

Alf Lombard

Alf Lombard was a professor and the father of actress Yvonne Lombard. more »

Alfred Tozzer

Alfred Marston Tozzer was an American anthropologist, archaeologist, linguist, and educator. His... more »

Ali-Shir Nava'i

Mīr 'Ali-Shir Nava'i, also known as Nizām-al-Din ʿAlī-Shīr Herawī was a Central Asian Turkic... more »

Amanda Brotchie

Amanda Brotchie is an Australian director, writer and linguist. more »

André Kaminker

André Kaminker was a linguist, interpreter, military officer, and the father of actress Simone... more »

Angus McIntosh

Angus McIntosh is an author and a professor. more »

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