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Bengt Walden

Bengt Walden is a Swedish-born, American luger who has competed since 1985, internationally... more »

Birgit Platzer

Birgit Platzer is a luger. more »

Björn Kierspel

Björn Kierspel is a luger. more »

Bogdan Macovei

Bogdan Macovei is a Romanian-born Moldovan luger who has competed since 2003. Competing in two... more »

Boris Kuryschkin

Boris Kuryschkin is a luger. more »

Branimir Tesulov

Branimir Tesulov is a luger. more »

Branislav Regec

Branislav Regec is a Slovak luger who has competed since 2000. His best Luge World Cup season... more »

Brendan Hauptmann

Brendan Hauptmann is a luger. more »

Brian Martin

Brian Martin is an American luger who competed from 1990 to 2010. Competing in four Winter... more »

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