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Austin Scott

Austin Scott was the tenth President of Rutgers College, serving from 1891 to 1906. more »

Austin Shaver

Austin Shaver is the son of Tony Shaver. more »

Austin Speight

Austin Speight is an association football coach and former player. Speight was born in Belfast,... more »

Austin Stockwell

Austin Stockwell is the son of Dean Stockwell. more »

Austin Straubel

Major Austin A. Straubel was commander of the 11th Bombardment Squadron and acting commander of... more »

Austin Thompson

Austin Thompson is the son of Daley Thompson. more »

Austin Thoms

Austin Thoms is the brother of Tracie Thoms. more »

Austin Ward Sherman

Austin Ward Sherman is the son of actress Sela Ward. more »

Austin Williams

Austin Williams is the son of Stacey Dash. more »

Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia is a journalist, the Samoan representative of Radio Polynesia and... more »

Author Triggs

Author Triggs is the father of basketball player Shavon Coleman. more »

Authur Scott

Authur Scott is the father of Jimmy Scott. more »

Auto Shankar

Auto Shankar is the nickname of an Indian serial killer. more »


Autocles, son of Strombichides, was one of the Athenian envoys empowered to negotiate peace with... more »


Autodicus also known as Autodikos, Autolycus and Autolykos was a Greek nobleman who was a... more »


Saint Autonomus is a martyr saint. He is said to have been an Italian bishop who escaped the... more »


Autshumato was a Strandloper leader who worked as an interpreter for the Europeans in... more »


Auxanius was Bishop of Arles c. 543-c. 546. He was succeeded by Bishop Aurelian of Arles... more »

Auxentius of Mopsuestia

Auxentius of Mopsuestia was bishop of Mopsuestia, and is a saint in the Eastern Orthodox and... more »

Avadhanum Paupiah

Avadhanum Paupiah was a dubash, or interpreter in the service of the British East India Company... more »

Avalon Juliana

Avalon Juliana is the son of Brenda Lee Black and Geoffrey Giuliano. more »

Avan Yu

Avan Yu is a Canadian pianist. He has won a number of prizes including Missouri Southern... more »

Avasarala Ramakrishna Rao

Avasarala Ramakrishna Rao was a famous Telugu short story writer. His famous works include... more »

Avatar Course

The Avatar Course, often simply called Avatar, is a series of LGAT self-development courses... more »

Avdhash Kaushal

Avdhash Kaushal is a human rights activist and has been appointed by the Government of India's... more »

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