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Avtar Gill

Avtar Gill is a Canadian darts player. Gill was runner up in the 1986 Canada National... more »

Avtar Lit

Avtar Lit is the owner and chairman of Sunrise Radio Group, and was listed by AIM magazine as... more »

Avtar Saini

Avtar Saini is a microprocessor designer and developer. He holds some patents related to... more »

Aw Chu Kin

Aw Chu Kin was a Burmese Chinese herbalist. He is best known as the original inventor of Tiger... more »

Awad Ahmed Ashareh

Awad Ahmed Ashareh is a Somali politician. He is the Chairman of the federal Information, Public... more »

Awad Al-Muwallad Al-Harbi

Awad Al-Muwallad Al-Harbi is the brother of Osama Al-Muwallad. more »

Awad bin Aboud bin Laden

Awad bin Aboud bin Laden was the father of Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden. more »

Awad El Roumi

Awad El Roumi is the brother of Majida El Roumi. more »

Awadhesh Pratap Singh

Captain Kunwar Awadhesh Pratap Singh was a noted Indian politician and Indian independence... more »

Awal Alhassan

Awal Alhassan is a master dancer from the West African nation of Ghana. Born and raised by a... more »

Awal Gul

Awal Gul was a citizen of Afghanistan who died in the United States's Guantanamo Bay detention... more »

Awalu Zanna

Awalu Zanna is the brother of Talib Zanna. more »

Awang anak Raweng

Awang anak Raweng GC, an Iban Scout from Sarawak in Borneo, won the George Cross for gallantry... more »

Awar Khan Aibak

Awar Khan Aibak was the governor of Bengal at Lakhnauti during 1235–1236 CE under Delhi Sultan... more »

Awdhesh K. Sinha

Awdhesh K. Sinha is the father of Anupam Sinha. more »


King Aweida was a monarch in the Pacific nation of Nauru. more »

Awn ad-Din ibn Hubayra

Awn al-Din Abu'l-Muzzafar Yahya ibn Hubayra al-Shaybani al-Duri al-Baghdadi, commonly referred... more »

Aws ibn Qallam

Aws ibn Qallam ibn Batina ibn Jumayhir al-Lihyani was the fourth king of al-Hirah, he reigned in... more »

Awwad Al Maghamsi

Awwad Al Maghamsi is the father of Saleh Al Maghamsi. more »

Axali Doëseb

Axali Doëseb is a Namibian music composer. He wrote and composed "Namibia, Land of the Brave",... more »

Axel Aubert

Axel Aubert was a Norwegian businessman. He was born in Kristiania. He took his engineer's... more »

Axel Bäck

Axel Erik Bäck is an alpine skier from Sweden. He competed for Sweden at the 2010 Winter... more »

Axel Berndt

Axel Berndt is a German sprint canoer who competed in the early 1990s. He won a bronze medal in... more »

Axel Brahe

Axel Brahe was the brother of Tycho Brahe. more »

Axel Bulthaupt

Axel Bulthaupt is a German journalist, entertainer and television presenter. Bulthaupt studied... more »

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