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Axel Schweitzer

Axel Schweitzer is the husband of Nina Liu. more »

Axel Smith

Axel Christian Smith was a Norwegian priest and topographer. He was born in Stavanger as a son... more »

Axel Stoltenberg

Axel Stoltenberg is the son of Jens Stoltenberg and Ingrid Schulerud. more »

Axel Theimer

Dr. Axel Theimer is a conductor, composer, singer, author and professor at the College of Saint... more »

Axel Torsten Lindfors

Axel Torsten Lindfors is the father of Viveca Lindfors. more »

Axel Vogt

Axel S. Vogt was the Pennsylvania Railroad's Chief Mechanical Engineer between March 1, 1887 and... more »

Axel Wilhelm Eriksson

Axel Wilhelm Eriksson was a Swedish ornithologist, settler and trader in what is now Namibia. He... more »

Axil Beebe

Axil Beebe is the son of cinematographer Dion Beebe. more »

Axton Emerson Copeland

Axton Emerson Copeland is the son of Miles Copeland III. more »

Axxel Rodríguez

Axxel Rodríguez is the son of football player Francisco Rodríguez. more »

Ay Khorn

Ay Khorn is a Cambodian politician. He is a member of the Cambodian People's Party and was... more »

Ayaan Agnihotri

Ayaan Agnihotri is the son of Atul Agnihotri and Alvira Khan. more »

Ayaan Hashmi

Ayaan Hashmi is the son of Emraan Hashmi. more »

Ayaan Khan

Ayaan Khan is the son of Fawad Afzal Khan. more »

Ayad Alkadhi

Ayad Alkadhi,Arabic, is an Iraqi born artist. Alkadhi's work focuses on cultural and political... more »


Ayan is the child of Ruma Guha Thakurta and Arup Guha Thakurta. more »

Ayanda Kota

Ayanda Kota is an activist who was the founding chairperson of the Unemployed Peoples' Movement... more »

Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein al-Ansari

Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein AlAnsari is a well known scholar of Twelver Shi'a Islam from Iraq. more »


Ayaz was the son of Alp Arslan. more »


Ayaz was the son of Sangeeta Bijlani. more »

Ayaz Mughal

Ayaz Ahmed Mughal is an Indian social activist and journalist. He is renowned as noted RTI... more »

Aydano Roriz

Aydano Antonio Freitas Roriz is a Brazilian writer and editor. more »

Ayden Womack

Ayden Womack is the brother of Dauson Womack. more »

Aydin Balayev

Aydin Balayev Huseynaga oglu is an Azerbaijani historian, ethnologist and professor. more »

Aydın Dikmen

Aydın Dikmen is a Turkish art dealer who was arrested in 1998 for trying to sell Eastern... more »

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