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Aage Oxenvad

Aage Oxenvad was a Danish clarinetist who played in the Royal Danish Orchestra from 1909. Carl... more »

Aage Rundberget

Aage Rundberget is a Norwegian judge and civil servant. He grew up in Våler, Hedmark, and has... more »

Aage Skavlan

Aage Gerhard Skavlan was a Norwegian historian. He was born in Herøy as a son of dean Aage... more »

Aage Storstein

Aage Storstein was a Norwegian artist. Aage Storstein was born in Stavanger in the county of... more »

Aage Tanggaard

Aage Tanggaard is a Danish jazz drummer and record producer. A pupil of Michael Carvin and Ed... more »

Aage Thor Falkanger

Aage Thor Falkanger is a Norwegian judge and legal scholar. He was born in Oslo, and took the... more »

Aage Thor Falkanger, Sr.

Aage Thor Falkanger was a Norwegian judge. He was born in Trondhjem as a son of wholesaler Thor... more »

Aage Vestøl

Aage Vestøl was a Norwegian chess player. Vestøl won the next to the top class at the Norwegian... more »

Aahan Shetty

Aahan Shetty is the son of actor Sunil Shetty. more »

Aahur Capers

Aahur Capers is the father of basketball player Arthur Capers. more »

Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Aajonus Vonderplanitz is an American raw food diet advocate residing in Malibu, California... more »

Aakash Mukherjee

Aakash Mukherjee is the son of Rupa Ganguly. more »

Aake Anker Ording

Aake Anker Ording was a Norwegian civil servant and politician for Mot Dag and the Labour... more »

Aalijah David Marzolla

Aalijah David Marzolla is the son of LaTasha Marzolla. more »


Aalmis was a noted painter on faience. He long worked for Cornelis de Berg of Delft. Pieces... more »

Aalt Toersen

Aalt Toersen is a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer from the Netherlands. He had his best... more »

Aalviar Lima

Aalviar "The Machine" Lima is a retired Cape Verdean-Dutch middleweight kickboxer who fought out... more »

Aaly Tokombaev

Aaly Tokombaev was born on November 7, 1904, in Kyrgyzstan in the village of Chon-Kemin, which... more »

Aamir Ageeb

Amir Ageeb or Aamir Ageeb was a Sudanese who was killed while resisting deportation from... more »

Aamir Atlas Khan

Aamir Atlas Khan is a Pakistani professional squash player. He is the nephew of former world... more »

Aamir Ghaffar

Aamir Ghaffar is an English badminton player. He won the Canadian Open in 2004 and the men's... more »

Aamir Hayat Khan Rokhri

Aamir Hayat Khan Niazi of Rokhri was a Pakistani politician, and member of the Punjab Provincial... more »

Aamir J. Sheikh

Aamir Javed Sheikh is a Norwegian-Pakistani local politician. Sheikh was member of Oslo City... more »

Aamir Rana

Aamir Rana is the brother of Moammar Rana. more »

Aanders Brorson

Aanders Brorson, is an American curler. Brorson currently play lead for the Tyler George rink... more »

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