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Aanund Hylland

Aanund Hylland is a Norwegian economist. He took a master's degree in mathematical logic at the... more »

Aarav Kumar

Aarav Kumar is the son of Akshay Kumar. more »

Aarne Ruben

Aarne Ruben is an Estonian writer. He wrote some novels, mainly based on Estonian history in the... more »

Aarni Neuvonen

Aarni Neuvonen, properly Vadim Rozenberg, also known under the aliases of Aarni Rozenberg and... more »

Aarno Yrjö-Koskinen

Aarno Armas Sakari Yrjö-Koskinen was a Finnish politician, ambassador and freiherr. He graduated... more »

Aaro Itkonen

Aaro Itkonen was the father of actress Hilkka Helinä. more »


Aaron is a saint of the Coptic Church. He has an annual feast in that church on October 19. more »


Aaron was a Miaphysite Coptic saint. His apocryphal legend says of him, "When he was sick, he... more »


According to the Book of Mormon, Aaron was a Nephite missionary and one of the sons of King... more »

Aaron A. Davis

Aaron A. Davis is an American basketball player. He played collegiately for Faulkner State in... more »

Aaron Abba Ha-levi Ben Johanan

Aaron Abba ben Johanan ha-levi was a prominent rabbi born around the close of the sixteenth... more »

Aaron Abraham ben Baruch Simeon ha-Levi

Aaron Abraham ben Baruch Simeon ha-Levi was a cabalist, born in the first quarter of the... more »

Aaron Adkins

Aaron Adkins is the father of Tracy Adkins. more »

Aaron Alafa

Aaron Alafa is an American professional boxer. He was born in Visalia, California. As an amateur... more »

Aaron Albert Mossell

Aaron Albert Mossell II was the first African-American to graduate from the University of... more »

Aaron Alward

Aaron Alward was a physician and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada. He represented the... more »

Aaron Archer

Aaron C. Archer is a toy designer for the Hasbro toy company from 1995 onwards. Archer has... more »

Aaron B. Lerner

Aaron Bunsen Lerner was an American physician, researcher and professor. Born in 1920 in... more »

Aaron Barba

Aaron Barba is the brother of Australian professional rugby league footballers Ben and Marmin Barba. more »

Aaron Barclay

Aaron Barclay is a triathlete who represents New Zealand internationally. He competed at the... more »

Aaron Bean

Aaron Bean is a Republican member of the Florida State Senate from the 4th District, which... more »

Aaron ben Elijah

Aaron ben Elijah, the Latter, of Nicomedia is often considered to be the most prominent Karaite... more »

Aaron ben Gershon abu al-Rabi

Aaron ben Gershon Abu Al-Rabi of Catania was a Sicilian scholar, cabalist, and astrologer of the... more »

Aaron ben Jacob ha-Kohen

Aaron ben Jacob ha-Kohen was a Provençal rabbi, one of a family of scholars living at Narbonne,... more »

Aaron ben Meïr

Aaron ben Meïr was a Jewish rabbi, and a Nasi of the Palestinian Gaonate in the first half of... more »

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