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Baldassare Di Maggio

Baldassare Di Maggio, also known as Balduccio, is a member of the Mafia, who became a government... more »

Baldassarre Bonaiuti

Baldassarre Bonaiuti, also known as Marchionne di Coppo Stefani, was a chronicler, statesman,... more »

Baldev Pathak

Baldev Pathak was the husband of Dina Pathak. more »

Baldev Raj

Baldev Raj is an Indian scientist and former director of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic... more »

Baldev Raj Gupta

Baldev Raj Gupta is an Indian academic in the field of linguistics, and a Punjabi and Hindi... more »

Baldi Olier

Baldi Olier was born in 1953, in Romania. He is a flamenco guitarist described by The Jerusalem... more »

Baldo Angelo Abati

Baldo Angelo Abati was an Italian physician and naturalist. He lived in the second half of the... more »

Baldomero Aguinaldo

Baldomero Aguinaldo y Baloy was a leader of the Philippine Revolution. He was the first cousin... more »

Baldomero Ballesteros

Baldomero Ballesteros is the brother of late Spanish professional golfer Seve Ballesteros. more »

Baldomero Barbará

Baldomero Barbará is the husband of Ana Maria de Moraes e Barros more »

Baldomero Falcones

Baldomero Falcones, born in 1946 at Majorca, is the current Chairman and CEO of Fomento de... more »

Baldred of Kent

Baldred was king of Kent, from 823 until 826 or 827. Ceolwulf I, king of Mercia, had ruled Kent... more »

Baldred of Strathclyde

Балдред — епископ шотландский, католический святой, память 6 марта. Святой Балдред был епископом... more »

Baldric of Friuli

Baldric or Balderic was the Duke of Friuli from 819, when he replaced Cadolah according to... more »

Baldur Möller

Baldur Möller was an Icelandic chess master. He was multiple Icelandic champion. Möller won... more »

Baldwin I

Baldwin or Boudewijn I van Utrecht was bishop of Utrecht from 990 to 995. Baldwin came from the... more »

Baldwin II van Holland

Baldwin van Holland was a bishop of Utrecht from 1178 to 1196 Baldwin was the son of Dirk VI,... more »

Baldwin of Antioch

Baldwin of Antioch was a Frankish knight and general in service of the Byzantine Empire during... more »

Baldwin of Bethune

Baldwin of Bethune or Baldwin de Béthune, a knight from the House of Bethune in Artois and a... more »

Baldwin of Clare

Baldwin of Clare was the youngest son of Gilbert Fitz-Richard, of the elder branch of the line... more »

Baldwin of Ibelin

Baldwin of Ibelin was the ruling Lord of Korakou and of Vitzada. He married Marguerite de Giblet... more »

Baldwin Parker

Baldwin Parker is the son of Quanah Parker. more »

Balendu Sharma Dadhich

Balendu Sharma Dadhich is an Indian technology activist and editor. He is a noted proponent of... more »

Balian of Ibelin

Balian of Ibelin, seneschal of Cyprus, was a son of Guy of Ibelin, constable of Cyprus, and... more »


Balih of Kish was the fourteenth Sumerian king in the First Dynasty of Kish, according to the... more »

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