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Barbad Golshiri

Barbad Golshiri is an Iranian contemporary artist, born in 1982 in Tehran, Iran. His father was... more »


Mario Raimondo, known as Barbadirame, was an Italian artist. more »


Bărbat was the brother and successor of voivode Litovoi whose territory had comprised northern... more »

Barbia Orbiana

Barbia Orbiana was Augusta of the Roman Empire from 225 AD - 227 AD. Her full name was Gneaea... more »


Barclay was the husband of Mignonne Golden more »

Barclay Harding Warburton I

Major Barclay Harding Warburton I was the publisher of the Philadelphia Evening Telegraph. more »

Barclay Knapp

Barclay Knapp is a Senior Fellow in the Center for Financial Economics at The Johns Hopkins... more »

Barclay Littlewood

Barclay James Littlewood is a British entrepreneur who founded Ukessays.com, a company which... more »

Bård Eker

Bård Eker is a Norwegian industrial designer and entrepreneur. He is the founder and managing... more »

Bård Kvalheim

Bård Kvalheim is a Norwegian retired athlete. He is a middle distance runner, with 1500 metres... more »

Bård Lahn

Bård Lappegård Lahn is a Norwegian environmentalist and in 2006 and 2007 chairman of Natur og... more »

Bård Olav Røsæg

Bård Olav Røsæg is a Norwegian judge and civil servant. He was born in Trondheim, finished his... more »

Bård Tønder

Bård Tønder is a Norwegian judge. He was born in Sjøvegan, and graduated as cand.jur. in 1975... more »

Bardhyl Ajeti

Bardhyl Ajeti was a reporter for the Albanian-language daily newspaper Bota Sot, published in... more »

Bardylis II

Bardyllis II was an Illyrian king of the Dardanian Kingdom. Bardyllis II, also called Bardyllis... more »


Bardylis or Bardyllis was a king of the Dardanian Kingdom and probably its founder. Bardyllis... more »

Barend Coenraad Petrus Jansen

B. C. P. Jansen was a Dutch chemist and biochemist. In the Dutch Indies, with his colleague W... more »

Barend du Plessis

Barend Jacobus du Plessis, is a South African politician and a former member of the... more »

Barend Mons

Barend Mons is a biologist and bioinformatics specialist. Since 2002 he is an Associate... more »

Barend Strydom

Barend Hendrik Strydom, also known as the White Wolf, is a convicted spree killer who was... more »

Barend Viljoen

Major-General Barend Viljoen SSA OBE was a South African military commander. He joined the South... more »

Barent Eriksz

Barent Eriksz was a Dutch trader from Medemblik, who is considered the initiator of Dutch trade... more »

Bargil Pixner

Bargil Pixner was an ethnically German, yet politically Italian, Benedictine monk, Biblical... more »

Bari Goddard

Bari Goddard is an avant garde and controversial Welsh singer-songwriter, artist and... more »

Barijaona Andriambelosoa

Barijaona Andriambelosoa is a Malagasy politician. A member of the National Assembly of... more »

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