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Barış Güler

Barış Güler is the son of Muammer Güler. more »

Barış Zeki Üregül

Barış Zeki Üregül is the son of Tarık Akan. more »

Barisano da Trani

Barisano da Trani was an Italian sculptor of the 12th century. He is best known for his bronze... more »

Barison Claude Andriambololona

Barson Claude Andriambololona is a Malagasy politician. A member of the National Assembly of... more »

Barisone III of Torres

Barisone III was briefly the Judge of Logudoro from 1232 until his death. He was the only son of... more »

Barjas al-Hadid

Barjas al-Hadid, sometimes known as Banjes Hadid, is Shaikh of the Jordanian al-Hadid tribe and... more »

Barjinder Singh Hamdard

Barjinder Singh Hamdard is the managing editor of the Punjabi newspaper Daily Ajit. and he is... more »

Barkat Khoso

Barkat Khoso is the son of Mir Hazar Khan Khoso. more »

Barkat Sidhu

Barkat Sidhu is a sufi singer from Moga district, Punjab, India, and a fine exponent of the... more »

Barlaam of Kiev

Barlaam of Kiev was an Eastern Orthodox saint. He was the first abbot of the monastery Kiev... more »

Barlow Aix Krikorian

Barlow Aix Krikorian is the son of Michael Krikorian and Kali Rocha. more »

Barly Baruti

Baruti Kandolo Lilela, better known by his pen name Barly Baruti, is a Congolese comics writer... more »

Barman Morgana Zulkarnaen

Barman Morgana Zulkarnaen is the son of Mieke Wijaya and Dicky Zulkarnaen. more »

Barnaba Okony Gilo

Barnaba Okony Gilo is a South Sudanese politician, belonging to the SPLM. Gilo is a graduate of... more »

Barnabas Gooch

Barnabas Gooch or Goche or Gough was an English lawyer and academic who was Vice-Chancellor of... more »

Barnabas Muturi Mwangi

Barnabas Muturi Mwangi is a Kenyan politician. He belongs to Sisi Kwa Sisi and was elected to... more »

Barnabas Root

Barnabas Root, born Fahma Yahny, was the grandson of an American-born slave who had moved to... more »

Barnaby Borstein Douglas

Barnaby Borstein Douglas is the son of Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas. more »

Barnaby Clay

Barnaby Clay is the husband of Karen O. more »

Barnaby Dawe

Barnaby Dawe is the Chief Marketing Officer for HarperCollins Publishers after leaving his post... more »

Barnaby Fitzpatrick

Sir Barnaby Fitzpatrick, 2nd Baron Upper Ossory, was the son and heir of Barnaby Fitzpatrick,... more »

Barnaby Greenberg

Barnaby Greenberg is a brother of Jeremy Davidson. more »

Barnaby John Loxley

Barnaby John Loxley Wilby is the son of James Wilby. more »

Barnaby Kaufmann

Barnaby Kaufmann is the adopted son of actors Honor Blackman and Maurice Kaufmann. more »

Barnaby Skurloke or Skurlog

Barnaby Skurloke or Skurlock was an influential lawyer in Ireland of the mid-sixteenth century... more »

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