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Barnaby Strauli

Barnaby is the son of Christopher Strauli. more »

Barnaby William Whitehall

Barnaby William Whitehall is the brother of Jack Whitehall. more »

Barnard H. "Barney" Shagan

Barnard H. Shagan is the father of Steve Shagan. more »

Barnes Dlamini

Barnes Dlamini is the president of the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions. Barnes was... more »

Barnet Baff

Barnet Baff was a poultry dealer in New York City who was murdered by organized crime that... more »

Barnet Bernstein

Barnet Bernstein was a furrier and the father of Alexander Baron. more »

Barnett Tomarken

Barnett Tomarken is the father of Peter Tomarken more »

Barney Augustus Eaton

Barney Augustus Eaton was a politician in Wisconsin. more »

Barney Coombs

Barney Coombs is the leader of the International Council of Salt and Light Ministries, and... more »

Barney Eastwood

Barney Eastwood is an Irish boxing promoter and bookmaker. Eastwood was introduced to boxing... more »

Barney Fast

Barney Fast is the father of Howard Fast. more »

Barney Gibbens

Barnaby John Gibbens OBE was a British businessman in the field of IT. He was a co-founder of... more »

Barney Innes

Barney Innes is the son of Neil Innes. more »

Barney Jeffrey

Barney Jeffrey is the son of Peter Jeffrey. more »

Barney Klecker

Barney Klecker is the United States record holder for the 50 mile ultramarathon, finishing with... more »

Barney Powell

Robert Powell is the son of Robert Powell. more »

Barney Roos

Delmar G. "Barney" Roos was an American automotive engineer who served as Studebaker's head of... more »

Barney S. Peterson

Barney S. Peterson was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. more »

Barney Stewart

Barney Stewart is the son of Sally Geeson. more »

Barnim V, Duke of Pomerania

Barnim V was one of the Dukes of Pomerania. He was the son of Bogislaw V. He ruled over parts of... more »


Barnolt was the stage name of Paul Fleuret, a French operatic tenor associated with the... more »

Baron Alexander Thyssen-Bornemisza

Baron Alexander Thyssen-Bornemisza is the son of Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza and... more »

Baron Barrymore Halpenny

Baron Barrymore Halpenny is a commercial artist, executive editor, writer and historian of... more »

Baron Bellamy

Baron Bellamy is the son of Bill Bellamy and Kristen Baker Bellamy. more »

Baron Bliss

Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, 4th Baron Bliss, commonly known as Baron Bliss, was a... more »

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