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Byron Wolford

Byron Wolford, also known as Cowboy Wolford, was an accomplished rodeo cowboy and professional... more »


Saint Bystrík was a martyr and the bishop of the diocese of Nitra of probably Slavic or... more »

Byun Eun-Jong

Eunjong "JJu" Byeon is a StarCraft pro gamer and poker player from South Korea. Byun started his... more »

Byung-nam Moon

Byung-nam Moon graduated from the Department of Dance in Chosun University, in 1984 and the... more »


Byzantius was the archbishop of Bari in the early eleventh century. He began the construction of... more »


In Greek mythology, Byzas was the eponymous founder of Byzantium, the city later known as... more »


Abraham Bzowski was a Polish Dominican historian. He carried on the work of Baronius. The... more »

Bøicke Johan Rulffs Koren

Bøicke Johan Rulffs Koren was Norwegian Minister of the Navy in 1884. more »

Børge Obel

Børge Obel is head of the Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture at Aarhus... more »

Børge Ousland

Børge Ousland is a Norwegian polar explorer, photographer and writer. He made the first... more »

Børre Knudsen

Børre Knudsen is a Norwegian Lutheran minister noted for his pro-life activism. Knudsen... more »

Børre Rognlien

Børre Rognlien is a Norwegian sports official and politician for the Conservative Party. He... more »

Børre Sæthre

Børre Sæthre is a Norwegian artist whose exhibitions combine many skills, including those of the... more »

Błażej Peszek

Błażej Peszek is the brother of Maria Peszek. more »

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