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Babylas Boton

Babylas Boton is an African journalist and political presenter. He in the anchor for the channel... more »

Baca Kurti Gjokaj

Baca Kurti Gjokaj was an Albanian freedom fighter who distinguished himself as one of the best... more »

Bach Xuan Nguyen

Bạch Xuân Nguyên was an official of the Nguyễn Dynasty of Vietnam. After the death of Lê Văn... more »

Bachar Zarkan

Bachar Zarkan is a Syrian musician, singer, and actor known for his Sufi music. more »

Bachi Sarker

Bachi Sarker is the father of Sunetra Sarker. more »


Bachiarius was an early fifth-century Christian writer, known only through his two writings... more »

Bachier Drame

Bachier Drame is the brother of basketball player Ousmane Drame. more »

Bachir Abdelouahab

Bachir Ben Mohamed Abdelouahab was an Algerian politician and medical doctor. He practiced... more »

Bacho Kiro

Bacho Kiro was the nickname of Kiro Petrov Zanev, a Bulgarian teacher, man of letters and... more »

Bachtiar Aly

Bachtiar Aly is a professor from Indonesia who majors in Communication and Politics. He was the... more »

Baciro Dabó

Major Baciro Dabó was a Guinea-Bissauan politician. Considered to have been a close ally of... more »

Backpacker Murders

The Backpacker murders is the name given to a spate of serial killings that occurred in New... more »

Bacqueville de la Potherie

Bacqueville de la Potherie, also known as Claude-Charles Le Roy, was a French chronicler of New... more »

Bad Breed

The Bad Breed was the professional wrestling tag team of Axl Rotten with his storyline... more »

Bad Crew

The Bad Crew was an American professional wrestling tag team consisting of Bad Crew #1 and Bad... more »

Bada Rajan

Rajan Mahadev Nair, popularly known in the Mumbai underworld by his moniker Bada Rajan was an... more »

Badan Singh

Marharajah Badan Singh was the formal founder of the princely state of Bharatpur. He was nephew... more »

Baddam Yella Reddy

Baddam Yella Reddy was an Indian communist politician from Telengana. He was one of the... more »

Bader Al-Dafa

Bader Al-Dafa served from 2007 to 2010 as the United Nations Executive Secretary of the Economic... more »


Bādhān in Islamic historiography was the Persian Governor of Yemen, during the reign of Khosrau... more »

Badi I

Badi I, also known as Badi el Kawam, was a ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar. During his reign,... more »

Badi III

Badi III, or Badi el Ahmar, was a ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar. James Bruce includes in his... more »

Badi IV

Badi IV, also known as Badi abu Shilluk, was a ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar. When Emperor... more »

Badi VII

Badi VII was the last ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar. Badi offered no resistance to Ismail... more »

Badih Chaaban

Badih Chabaan is a PR councilor in the Cape Town City Council. He was a member of the Africa... more »

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