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Cal Wells

Cal Wells is a businessman and former owner of PPI Motorsports. He was now the Executive Vice... more »

Cal Winwood

Cal Winwood is the son of award-winning English musician and songwriter Steve Winwood. more »

Calaeb Marlin

Calaeb Marlin is the son of basketball coach Bob Marlin. more »

Calcedonio Di Pisa

Calcedonio Di Pisa, also known as Doruccio, was a member of the Sicilian Mafia. He was the boss... more »


Cale Rogers is the son of Tristan Rogers and Teresa Parkerson. more »


Caleb, sometimes transliterated Kaleb is a figure who appears in the Bible as a representative... more »

Caleb Afendopolo

Caleb Afendopolo was a Jewish polyhistor. He was the brother of Samuel ha-Ramati, ḥakam of the... more »

Caleb Ashworth

Caleb Ashworth, D.D. was an English dissenting tutor. more »

Caleb Bela Caballero

Caleb Bela Caballero is the son of Steve Caballero. more »

Caleb Cain Marcus

Caleb Cain Marcus is a photographer born in Colorado U.S, living in New York City more »

Caleb Cassidy

Caleb Cassidy is the son of Shaun Cassidy and Tracey Lynne Turner. more »

Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck

In 1665, Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck became the first Native American to graduate from Harvard... more »

Caleb Collins

Caleb Collins is the brother of basketball player Corban Collins. more »

Caleb Courtney

Caleb Courtney is the brother of Joel Courtney. more »

Caleb Cuddihy

Caleb Cuddihy is the brother of Jake Hendriks. more »

Caleb Davis

Caleb Davis was a merchant, revolutionary patriot, and public servant in Boston, Massachusetts... more »

Caleb Dawkins

Caleb Dawkins is the brother of basketball player Andre Dawkins. more »

Caleb Donat

Caleb Donat is the son of Peter Donat and Michael Learned. more »

Caleb Esch

Caleb Esch is the son of Eric Esch. more »

Caleb Evans

Caleb Evans, was an English geologist. Evans, born on 25 July 1831, was educated under Professor... more »

Caleb Fairley

Caleb Fairley is an American murderer from Gulph Mills, Pennsylvania. more »

Caleb Freeman

Caleb Freeman is the brother of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman. more »

Caleb Freese

Caleb Freese is an artist based in Portland, Oregon, United States. He is noted for using... more »

Caleb Gardner

Caleb Gardner, sea-captain, born in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1739: died there, 24 December... more »

Caleb Hanlen

Caleb Hanlen is the son of Karen Hanlen. more »

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