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Caleb Huggins

Caleb Huggins is the son of Joan Sullivan Wilson and Jeremy Brett. more »

Caleb Jackson

Caleb Jackson is the son of Jonathan Jackson and Lisa Vultaggio. more »

Caleb James Bice

Caleb James Bice is the son of American singer Bo Bice. more »

Caleb James Goddard

Caleb James Goddard is the son of Susan Anspach and Jack Nicholson. more »

Caleb K. Zia

Caleb K. Zia is the Provost Emeritus of Sias International University and Executive Director of... more »

Caleb Laidig

Caleb Laidig is the brother of basketball player Jeff Laidig. more »

Caleb Landgraf

Caleb Landgraf is the son of Ally Walker. more »

Caleb Lawrence

Caleb James Lawrence is a retired Canadian Anglican bishop. Lawrence was educated at Dalhousie... more »

Caleb Lemon

Caleb Lemon is the son of Meadowlark Lemon. more »

Caleb Long

Caleb Long is the brother of Colby Long. more »

Caleb Maher

Caleb Maher is the son of Christopher Maher. more »

Caleb McCarry

Caleb McCarry was the Bush administration's Cuba Transition Coordinator. The position developed... more »

Caleb Mills

Caleb Mills was an American educator and the first faculty member of Wabash College in... more »

Caleb Okeke

Caleb Okeke is the father of basketball player Frank Okeke. more »

Caleb Scharf

Caleb Scharf is a British-born astronomer and the director of the multidisciplinary Columbia... more »

Caleb Szarabajka

Caleb Szarabajka is the son of Keith Szarabajka. more »

Caleb T. O. Otto

Caleb Tyndale Okauchi Otto is a Palauan physician who serves as a member of the senate of Palau... more »

Caleb W. Sullivan

Caleb W. Sullivan was the step daughter of actor Jeremy Brett. more »

Caleb Walberg

Caleb Walberg is the son of Tim and Susan Walberg. more »

Caleb Wilding

Caleb Wilding is the son of Christopher Edward Wilding. more »

Caleb Womble

Caleb Womble is the husband of Eulyn Womble. more »

Caleb Wyatt

Caleb Wyatt is the first person to ever perform a successful backflip on a large motorcycle. On... more »

Calen Tagawa

Calen Tagawa is the son of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. more »


Calendion was a late-5th-century Patriarch of Antioch. Calendion supported the results of the... more »


According to Tacitus, Calgacus was a chieftain of the Caledonian Confederacy who fought the... more »

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