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Calin Armstrong

Calin Armstrong is the son of Samaire Armstrong. more »

Călin Dan

Călin Dan is a Romanian artist, theorist and curator based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Member of... more »

Calin Georgescu

Călin Georgescu is a Romanian expert on sustainable development and strategic planning. He was... more »

Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu

Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu is the son of Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu. more »

Calist Andrew Mwatela

Calist Andrew Mwatela is a Kenyan politician. He belongs to the Orange Democratic Movement and... more »

Calixte Bayrou

Calixte Bayrou is the son of François Bayrou and Élisabeth Bayrou. more »

Calixte Dakpogan

Calixte Dakpogan is a Beninese sculptor known for his installations as well as his masks made... more »

Calixte Duguay

Calixte Duguay, CM is a multi-disciplinarian Canadian Artist born in Sainte-Marie, Acadia, on... more »

Calixto Catáquiz

Calixto R. Catáquiz is the former mayor of San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. He is also a... more »

Calixto Garcia de Luna e Izquierdo

Calixto Garcia de Luna e Izquierdo was born in Soria, Castilla somewhere around 1768. He went to... more »

Callder Griffith

Callder Griffith is the brother of actor Gattlin Griffith. more »

Calle Jonsson

Calle Jonsson is a Swedish citizen born in Långträsk, Piteå who was arrested in July 2001 on the... more »

Calle Schulman

Calle Schulman is the brother of Alex Schulman. more »

Callen Christian Brees

Callen Christian Brees is the son of Drew Brees. more »


Callicles was an ancient Athenian political philosopher best remembered for his role in Plato’s... more »


Callicratidas was a Spartan naval commander in the Peloponnesian War. In 406 BC, he was sent to... more »


Callimachus or Callimachos was the Athenian polemarch at the Battle of Marathon at 490 BC... more »


Callimedon was an orator and politician at Athens during the 4th century BCE who was a member of... more »


Callinicus was a prince of the Kingdom of Commagene, who lived in the 1st century. Callinicus... more »

Calliphon of Croton

Calliphon of Croton was a Pythagorean physician. He was apparently the chief priest at Croton... more »


Callistratus, Alexandrian grammarian, flourished at the beginning of the 2nd century BC. He was... more »

Callistratus of Georgia

Callistratus was a Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia from June 21, 1932 until his death. His... more »

Callistus Valentine Onaga

Callistus Valentine Onaga, D.D., is the fifth Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Enugu. more »


Callixeinus was an Athenian politician who lived around 400 BCE, the time of Socrates. In the... more »

Callixenus of Rhodes

Callixenus of Rhodes was a Hellenistic author from Rhodes. He was a contemporary of Ptolemy II... more »

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