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Curtis Randle El Sr.

Curtis Randle El Sr.is the father of former American Football player Antwaan Randle El. more »

Curtis Redden

Curtis Redden is the father of Preston Herring. more »

Curtis Reed

Curtis Reed is the father of Jordan Reed. more »

Curtis Sasaki

Curtis Sasaki is vice president responsible for Sun's webproperties. His team is responsible for... more »

Curtis Smith

Curtis Smith is an American Publicist and Public Relations Consultant in the entertainment and... more »

Curtis W. Tarr

Curtis William Tarr was an American academic best known for his role in the reform of the... more »

Curtis Warren Kamman

Curtis Warren Kamman is a former career diplomat. Kamman graduated from Tucson High School and... more »

Curtis Wilson Crowe

Curtis Wilson Crowe is the son of Cameron Crowe and Nancy Wilson. more »

Curtis Zastoupil

Curtis Zastoupil is the husband of Connie Zastoupil. more »

Curtiss A

Curtiss A is both a musician and a visual artist. One of the original artists on the Twin Tone... more »

Curtius Rufus

Curtius Rufus was a Roman politician mentioned by Tacitus for actions during the reigns of the... more »

Curumsey Damjee

Curumsey Damjee JP, Rai Bahadur was a noted businessman. Hailing from Waghora, a small village... more »


Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, known by the Defense Intelligence Agency cryptonym "Curveball", is... more »

Curwin Friesen

Curwin Friesen is President and Chief Executive Officer of Friesens Corporation, Canada's... more »


Cúscraid known by the epithet Mend Macha, is a son of Conchobar mac Nessa in the Ulster Cycle of... more »


Cush was, according to the Bible, the eldest son of Ham, brother of Mizraim, Canaan and the... more »

Cushan Stevens

Cushan Stevens is the son of Terry-Thomas. more »

Cusrow J Dubash

Dr Cusrow J Dubash is the associate professor of Education. He is also the vice rector at Forman... more »


Custaloga or Packanke was a member of the Wolf Clan of the Delaware tribe. Captain Pipe was his... more »

Custer Lang

Custer Lang was the husband of actress Seessel Anne Johnson. more »

Cutha Cathwulf

Cutha Cathwulf was the third son of Cuthwine and consequently a member of the House of Wessex... more »

Cuthbert Baillie

Cuthbert Baillie, was the lord high treasurer of Scotland. Baillie was, according to one... more »

Cuthbert Burby

Cuthbert Burby was a London bookseller and publisher of the Elizabethan and early Jacobean eras... more »

Cuthbert Johnson

Cuthbert Johnson is a British musician, liturgist and former Benedictine abbot. He was the... more »

Cuthbert Peacocke

Cuthbert Irvine Peacocke TD was the 8th Bishop of Derry and Raphoe, retiring in 1975. Peacocke... more »

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