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Cynered, was a Bishop of Selsey. Cynered received a confirmation from Coelwulf, King of Mercia,... more »

Cynesige of Lichfield

Cynesige was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield. Cynesige was consecrated between 946 and 949 and... more »

Cyneweard of Glastonbury

Cyneweard was an Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Wells. He was a monk of Glastonbury Abbey before becoming... more »

Cynfarch Oer

Cynfarch Oer was probably a 6th-century king of the Sub-Roman realm of Rheged, believed to be... more »


Cynfarwy was a Christian in the 7th century about whom little is known. He was venerated by the... more »

Cynfyn ap Gwerstan

Cynfyn ap Gwerstan was an obscure Welsh nobleman principally known on account of his son Bleddyn... more »

Cyngen Glodrydd

Cyngen Glodrydd was an early 6th-century King of Powys. He was the son of Rhyddfedd Frych. more »


Cynibil was one of four Northumbrian brothers named by Bede as prominent in the early... more »


Saint Cynllo is a British saint, who lived in the late 5th and early 6th centuries. His feast... more »

Cynog ap Brychan

Cynog son of Brychan, better known as Saint Cynog, was an early British saint and martyr. His... more »

Cypher Zero

Cypher Zero is a circus proprietor and producer, entrepreneur, and educator. Zero began his... more »

Cypress Best

Cypress Best is the half-brother of singer Monica Arnold. more »

Cyprian of Toulon

Saint Cyprian of Toulon was bishop of Toulon during the 6th century. Born at Marseilles, he was... more »

Cyprian Ojwang Omollo

Cyprian Ojwang Omollo is a Kenyan politician. He belongs to the Orange Democratic Movement and... more »

Cyprian Thomas Rust

Cyprian Thomas Rust, was an English cleric and Hebrew scholar. more »

Cypriano de Soarez

Cypriano de Soarez, S.J. was a sixteenth-century Spanish Jesuit who wrote De Arte Rhetorica, the... more »

Cyprien Despourrins

Cyprien Despourrins was an Occitan-language poet from Béarn and member of the Bigorre Parliament... more »

Cyriac Pullapilly

Cyriac K. Pullapilly is emeritus professor of history at St Mary's College, Indiana and a Fellow... more »

Cyriac Thomas

Cyriac Thomas, Ph.D. is a Member of the National Commission for Minority Educational... more »

Cyriack Skinner

Cyriack Skinner was a friend, pupil and amanuensis of the English poet John Milton, and the... more »

Cyril Adams

Cyril Adams was the father of Chris Adams. more »

Cyril Alexander Edward Lea

Cyril Alexander Edward Lea was a British colonial officer in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan in the... more »

Cyril and Libbye Hellier

Cyril and Libbye Hellier are identical twins and American operatic sopranos. Natives of Houma,... more »

Cyril Aphrem Karim

Metropolitan Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim is the archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch... more »

Cyril Armbrister

Cyril Armbrister was the spouse of Catherine Turney. more »

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