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Cyril Ayris

Cyril Ayris is an author and journalist from Western Australia who specialises in writing books... more »

Cyril Bardsley

Cyril Charles Bowman Bardsley was an Anglican bishop in the first half of the 20th... more »

Cyril Barnes

Cyril Arthur Barnes was an eminent Anglican priest in the second half of the 20th century. He... more »

Cyril Barnett

Cyril Barnett is the father of basketball player Marquis Barnett. more »

Cyril Benoit

Cyril Benoit, born in 1974, in Paris, is an independent French investment and development... more »

Cyril Blake

Cyril "Midnight" Blake was a Trinidadian jazz trumpeter. more »

Cyril Blažo

Cyril Blažo is a Slovakian artist who lives in works in Bratislava in the Slovak Republic. more »

Cyril Brine

Cyril Harry Brine was an international speedway who qualified for the Speedway World... more »

Cyril Buraman

Cyril Buraman is a political figure and member of the Parliament of Nauru. more »

Cyril Čechák

Cyril Čechák is the son of Tatiana Vilhelmová. more »

Cyril Conrad Cowderoy

Archbishop Cyril Conrad Cowderoy was a priest for over 45 years and a bishop for over 26 years... more »

Cyril Dissanayake

Cyril Cyrus "Jungle" Dissanayake is a Sri Lankan senior police officer. He was one of the... more »

Cyril Duval

Cyril Duval is the son of Daniel Duval. more »

Cyril Edward Restieaux

Cyril Edward Restieaux was Ordinary of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth in the Province of... more »

Cyril François

Cyril François was the son of Jacques François and Madeleine Delavaivre. more »

Cyril Frank Wakeman

Cyril Frank is the father of Rick Wakeman. more »

Cyril Genik

Cyril Genik was a Ukrainian-Canadian immigration agent. He is a Person of National Historic... more »

Cyril Gwynn

Cyril Gwynn was a British poet, from Gower, in the City and County of Swansea. He was known as... more »

Cyril Hatton

Cyril Hatton was a footballer with QPR. He signed in 1946 from Notts County and made his debut... more »

Cyril Herath

Deshamanya L.G.D. Cyril L. Herath was a Sri Lankan Inspector-General of Police and Permanent... more »

Cyril Hoyt

Cyril Hoyt, the author of Hoyt's coefficient of reliability, was a long-time member of the... more »

Cyril IX Moghabghab

Cyril IX Moghabghab served as Patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church from 1925 to 1947. more »

Cyril J. Smith

Cyril J. Smith was the husband of Linda Thorson. more »

Cyril James Stubblefield

Sir James Stubblefield FRS was a British geologist. Stubblefield was the President of the... more »

Cyril Jones

Cyril Jones was the father of actress Carol Lynley. more »

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