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Duke Kimbrough McCall

Duke Kimbrough McCall was an American Christian religious leader who served as Chief Executive... more »

Duke Lesnar

Duke Lesnar is the son of Brock Lesnar and Sable. more »

Duke Li of Jin

Duke Li of Jin was a ruler of the State of Jin, a major power during the Spring and Autumn... more »

Duke Ling of Wei

Duke Ling of Wei was a ruler of the ancient Chinese state of Wei, the son of Duke Xiang of Wei... more »

Duke MacIsaac

Gary Jessome is a Canadian professional wrestler and trainer, best known by his ringname "The... more »

Duke Michael Heinrich Albert Alexander Maria

Duke Michael Heinrich Albert Alexander Maria is the son of Diane, Duchess of Württemberg and... more »

Duke Morrison Ditteaux

Duke Morrison Ditteaux is the son of Marisa Wayne and Tony Ditteaux. more »

Duke Mu of Cao

Duke Mu of Cao was the eleventh ruler of the vassal State of Cao during the Chinese Eastern Zhou... more »

Duke Nelson

Walter J. "Duke" Nelson was the head football coach for the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute... more »

Duke Norfleet

Duke Norfleet is the son of Jennifer Nicholson. more »

Duke of Bourbon

Duke of Bourbon is a title in the peerage of France. It was created in the first half of the... more »

Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo

The Spanish hereditary ducal title of Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo, with accompanying dignity Grandee... more »

Duke of Ye

Shen Zhuliang, Duke of Ye or Duke of She, was a general and statesman of the kingdom of Chu... more »

Duke Phillipp Albrecht Christoph Ulrich Maria

Duke Phillipp Albrecht Christoph Ulrich Maria is the son of Diane, Duchess of Württemberg and... more »

Duke Roufus

Jeff "Duke" Roufus is an American former kickboxer who is now one of the top trainers as head... more »

Duke Ventura

Duke Ventura is the husband of Amy Austria. more »

Duke Wen of Eastern Zhou

Duke Wen of Eastern Zhou was the last ruler of the Eastern Zhou state of ancient China. Eastern... more »

Duke Wyre

Alfred J. "Duke" Wyre was an American athletic trainer and coach. He invented the Duke Wyre... more »

Duke Xiao of Qin

Duke Xiao of Qin, given name Quliang, was the ruler of the Qin state from 361 to 338 BC during... more »

Duke Zeibert

David George "Duke" Zeibert was, for 44 years, the proprietor of a legendary restaurant in... more »

Dukes Dalton

James "Jim" McCarthy is an American professional wrestler and trainer, known by his ringname... more »

Dul Koeun

Dul Koeun is a Cambodian politician. He belongs to the Cambodian People's Party and was elected... more »


Dulmatin was a senior figure in the militant group Jemaah Islamiyah and one of the most wanted... more »

Duma Nkosi

Duma Moses Nkosi is the former mayor of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality from 2001 to... more »

Duma Nokwe

Philemon Pearce Dumasile Nokwe was a South African freedom fighter. more »

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