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Dwayne Umbarger

Dwayne D. Umbarger is a Republican member of the Kansas Senate, representing the 14th District... more »

Dwayne Williams

Dwayne Williams is the brother of basketball player Juan'ya Green. more »

Dwight A. York

Dwight A. York is a former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. more »

Dwight Armstrong

Dwight Alan Armstrong was an American anti-Vietnam War activist who was one of four persons... more »

Dwight Ball

Dwight Ball MHA is the Leader of the Official Opposition and leader of the Liberal Party of... more »

Dwight Boyer

Dwight Boyer was a reporter and marine historian of the Great Lakes. He wrote for the Toledo... more »

Dwight Bryan

Dwight Bryan is the father of Zachery Ty Bryan. more »

Dwight Chapin

Dwight L. Chapin is an American political organizer, businessman, and retired public servant. He... more »

Dwight Conquergood

Lorne Dwight Conquergood was an ethnographer who is best known for his work with the Hmong of... more »

Dwight D. Opperman

Dwight D. Opperman was chairman of Key Investments, a privately held venture capital firm... more »

Dwight Dalzell

Dwight Dalzell was the son of David Dalzell. more »

Dwight Davis

Dwight Davis is the father of Lavell Crawford. more »

Dwight Finn

Dwight Finn is the father of Trey Finn. more »

Dwight G. Hemion

Dwight G. Hemion is the son of Dwight Hemion and Joyce Hogue. more »

Dwight Gimenez

Dwight Gimenez is the brother of model Jennifer Gimenez. more »

Dwight Hamilton Baldwin

Dwight Hamilton Baldwin was a piano manufacturer in the United States, famous as the eponym and... more »

Dwight Harwood

Dwight Brigham Harwood was an American football and basketball coach in the United States. more »

Dwight Henry

Dwight Henry is a former Tennessee politician. more »

Dwight Henry Bennett

Dwight Henry Bennett was an aeronautical engineer and one of the early developers of the control... more »

Dwight Ho

Dwight Ho is the son of late Don Ho. more »

Dwight Hooker

Dwight Hooker is an American photographer and architect. He is best known for the long-running... more »

Dwight J. Loving

Dwight J. Loving is one of five military personnel on death row. Loving, a Private in the United... more »

Dwight J. Porter

Dwight Johnson Porter was a United States diplomat. more »

Dwight Jones

Dwight Jones is the father of basketball player Trey McKinney Jones. more »

Dwight Jr. Stephenson

Dwight Jr. Stephenson is the son of Dwight Stephenson. more »

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